Benefits for IoT development company:

Faster time to market

  • Accelerate the development of low-power, end-to-end reliable IoT solutions

  • Utilize the available LwM2M SDK with integrated hardware platforms

  • Employ the Zephyr client or alternative LwM2M clients

  • Streamline and adapt integration with cloud services

  • Implement ready-made features for IoT device management, including OTA updates

Reduce development costs

  • Reduce maintenance costs of the solution with a flexible and standardized solution

  • Receive assistance and training from our technical experts to speed up work

  • Reduce coding needed to ensure key functionalities for clients

  • Customize options within the platform to meet specific needs

  • Reduce development costs when requirements evolve with a a flexible data model

Common IoT Success

  • Easily implement our IoT solutions within the client’s solution architecture

  • Ensure solution interoperability, scalability, and security

  • Recommend reliable, enterprise-ready solutions with proven features and flexibility

  • Access the IoT platform and receive post-deployment support for maximum reliability

  • Earn based on the number of connected devices on our platform

Expand your portfolio with LwM2M-based IoT solutions

AVSystem's IoT solutions, including Anjay IoT SDK and Coiote IoT Device Management Platform, drive the development of successful new IoT products and services. By simplifying the building and scaling of IoT solutions and enabling top-tier IoT device management at scale, we assist a variety of industries, from utilities to equipment manufacturers, logistics companies, OEMs, and environmental solutions providers. Our solutions enable rapid creation of secure, interoperable, and scalable products.

Based on the open LwM2M standard, our solutions ensure no vendor lock-in and provide essential IoT device management features like OTA updates and data standardization, simplifying data interpretation and management. Integrated with hardware and cloud data platforms, we accelerate the prototyping stage, allowing clients to reach the market faster. Additionally, we provide top-notch technical support throughout deployment and beyond.

Join our partners and let's build together standardized, scalable, and secure IoT solutions, quickly.

In what applications can our IoT solutions help?

  • Support for both IP and Non-IP devices

  • Various communication options: NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 5G, WiFi, Thread

  • Use cases: smart metering (gas, water, electricity), IoT asset tracking, condition-based monitoring, environmental tracking, industrial product monitoring

  • Industries served: utilities, equipment and industrial product manufacturers, logistics and supply chain companies, OEMs, environmental solutions providers

  • Support for constrained, low-power devices

  • Scalable, interoperable IoT solutions

  • Support for devices that require top security and regular firmware updates

How does it work? Partnership business model

1. Get educational materials and training from us

2. Generate initial interest from a client

3. Run PoC with our solution with our support

4. Close the deal with our help

5. Get our customer support during deployment

6. Let's share revenue

What our partners say:

As an IoT development company using AVSystem's Coiote IoT Device Management Platform, we value its swift deployment of open-standard LwM2M and essential features like end-to-end security, FOTA updates, and an intuitive GUI. Its seamless scalability accommodates projects of any size, simplifying small and large-scale deployments, particularly those with low power and data transfer requirements.

Luka Banović

Product Developer, IRNAS

Interested in cooperation? Let us know!
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