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posted: January 12, 2019 

CES 2019: Inspirations and Aspirations

CES 2019

This year, CES brought out a dazzling array of mind-boggling electronics, gadgets, devices, autonomous vehicles, powered by AI and re-imagined by the promise of 5G.

Indeed, 5G was at the center of CES 2019.

And there’s a good reason for it. The massive connectivity, unprecedented data throughput and speed unleashed by 5G, a “quantum leap,” to quote a Verizon keynote speech, it all translates to transforming existing businesses and creating new services and new business models. According to GSMA, there are going to be more than 1.5 billion 5G subscriptions in the world!

At CES, we saw technologies and business models from tele-medicine/healthcare delivery and monitoring, autonomous vehicles, smart grids, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), all of that “cool stuff” that relies on massive connectivity. IoT is changing the way businesses operate and has brought us the 4th industrial revolution, from robotics on manufacturing floors to transportation; from logistics/routing management to asset tracking.

We came to CES 2019 to be inspired.

And just to be inspired is only half of the journey. There seemed endless amount of new things to see and new information to digest. The real challenge is the aspiration to lead in this world of transformation. After CES, we walk away aspiring to put thoughts into actions, to put our focus on digitizing, automating, and transforming our business operations with the help of technologies such as AI and 5G. Ideas which seem small at the beginning can evolve into big things. Making big bets (no pun intended, albeit we are in Vegas) starts with here and now—looking at making your business more agile, more automated, more intelligent. Maybe more customer responsive? That intelligence unleashed by connecting your deployed physical assets—devices, sensors, controllers—can help you make smart decisions.

When we think of operationalizing IoT services, we start with a device management strategy—connecting, provisioning, managing and getting intelligence out of the devices to aid decision making. You need a platform that’s open, scalable, and adaptable, so it allows you to take over control of your deployed assets, get the intelligence you need, and drive business decisions back to the field instantly. Your “command and control” is no longer sitting in a siloed data center, instead, it’s connected and happening in the cloud. It’s no longer just for efficiency gains, but rather, it’s gaining visibility and driving automated actions on a massive scale, to devices on multiple protocols, various versions, different technologies.

Device Management is the foundation of deploying IoT services.

Upon that, one should build data integration capabilities. Collecting and correlating data from all operational and back-office systems require a Data Management strategy. Orchestrating the data you’ve collected and performing meaningful diagnostics to drive decisions is another crucial point. Glad to see major enterprises as GM and AT&T were on hand to share their experience in working with IoT ecosystem partners to deliver cutting edge solutions. We, at AVSystem, a pioneer in LwM2M IoT device management were here to help as well. Five years ago, we aspired to be a leader in this field, we made key investments, and have made major strides. To see our latest achievements in IoT check out our Coiote IoT Device Management platform and Coiote IoT Data Orchestration platform.

William L. Yan
President, Americas

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