Top 7 IoT Conferences to Attend in 2019

Top 7 IoT Conferences to Attend in 2019

Looking into any kind of conference list for the year for the tech industry can be a daunting task. Believe me, I know. Even though a few years ago this wasn’t the case, in 2019 we’ve come to a point where even the sole topic of IoT has acquired its own full-blown list of trade shows and conferences.

With so many expos on the topic of the Internet of Things taking place all around the globe, we really need to consider which events are worth attending so as not to spend all our time travelling to & from and wasting time on less significant Internet of Things events.

That said, 2019 is really looking to be a very interesting year for the Internet of Things. We’ve finally come to a point where we’re going from discussing high-level theoretical concepts to live or about-to-be-deployed use cases.

If you’ve just come back from CES (check our recap of CES 2019) and are just about to decide on your future conference travels, the list below with the best IoT events in 2019 can be quite helpful.


Mobile World Congress 2019
1. Mobile World Congress 2019

Location: Barcelona
Date: 25-29 February 2019


Mobile World Congress is a must for not only the mobile & telecommunications but the entire tech industry. This year’s edition will bring together over 100 thousand attendees and thus will be a major IoT meeting point for anyone who is doing anything in the mobile industry.

In 2019, IoT, alongside 5G and AI, remains to be a very important conference topic.

If you do decide on coming to MWC, make sure to make your way over to booth 5C10 to say ‘hi’ to the AVSystem team.

AVSystem’s highlight: Of course, the show is massive and covers a very wide range of topics, but all you need to do is go online and look up the exhibitor list, typing in “IoT” to easily acquire a full list of companies that work in this space and are exhibiting at the show.

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IoT Asia
2. IoT Asia

Location: Singapore
Date: 27-28 March 2019


If you’re looking for an IoT conference that covers the topic of IoT in Asia thoroughly, this Singapore event in March is definitely worth considering. With exhibitors and conference topics practically solely focused on the Internet of Things, one can really dive into the specific IoT use cases that are also relevant to the Asian market.


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IoT World
3. IoT World

Location: Santa Clara
Date: 13-16 May 2019


IoT World is an Internet of Things conference that really thoroughly covers the area of the Internet of Things both in terms of conference topics as well as the diversity of the companies attending and exhibiting at the show. What’s great is that from a buyer’s perspective, this is a show where in one place you can easily find the appropriate solutions and partners to build an entire IoT ecosystem. From companies providing the necessary hardware to software on all levels, Santa Clara has it all. Additionally, worth mentioning is the diverse conference agenda, easily divided into both a vertical-specific and horizontal approach.

AVSystem’s highlight: The audience is very diverse, with attendees really coming in from around the globe, specifically to attend this conference.


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4. Gitex

Location: Dubai
Date: 6-10 October 2019


Everyone knows that Dubai is THE place for innovation. Gitex falls into the “massive tech show” category, so it’s a place where everyone can find something for themselves. IoT is directly and indirectly represented in a large portion of the event’s exhibition space. This is of course a very important show for anyone doing business in the Gulf countries. You will have the chance to meet everyone from government officials to telecom executives and professionals of all major brands doing business in the region.

AVSystem’s highlight: Gitex is a quite famous IoT conference for its support of start-ups. Some very interesting new ideas can be found in the Gitex Future Stars area. If you’re at Gitex, make sure to take a look.


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MWC 2019 Americas
5. MWC Americas

Location: Los Angeles
Date: 22-24 October 2019


Even though much smaller than the Barcelona GSMA event, MWC Americas is definitely a great place to get acquainted with the Internet of Things industry. With a large part of one of the two halls specifically being dedicated to IoT, the show is an important meeting point for companies based in North and South America that are acting in the telecom industry and specifically for professionals whose day to day jobs require a thorough understanding of the IoT landscape.

AVSystem’s highlight: If you do attend, make sure to check out the IoT Talk Zone for conference sessions from IoT industry experts.

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IoT Solutions World Congress
6. IoT Solutions World Congress

Location: Barcelona
Date: 29-31 October 2019


Barcelona is not only a hot destination for tech executives in the springtime! The fall also has an interesting option in store for the industry with the IoT Solutions World Congress. With over 16 thousand visitors to take part in 2019, the show has become one of the leading IoT events in Europe dedicated to Internet of Things topics.


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IoT Tech Expo North
7. IoT Tech Expo North America

Location: Santa Clara
Date: 13-14 November 2019


The year can be closed off with another Santa Clara-based Internet of Things event. What makes the IoT Tech Expo interesting and different? The show is co-located with the AI & Big Data Expo, Blockchain Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo.

Because all of these topics in 2019 are suspected to overlap more than ever, the show is an interesting place to get inspired by professionals coming from slightly different areas of focus. What’s worth mentioning though is that in comparison with other “multi-topic events,” this conference comes across as definitely still the most IoT-focused.

AVSystem’s highlight: Of the entire list, this is probably the most tech-focused event. If you’re looking for a place to inspire your engineers and not have them complain about the lack of technical aspects covered, this conference is probably a good choice.

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Daria Kolarczyk
Marketing Manager

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