LTE monitoring to enhance the quality of service


The quality of the LTE signal can vary under the influence of many different factors such as signal interference, number of end users in the cell or even the weather. Greenet puts great focus on the quality of the services they provide and thrives to keep user experience at the best level possible. Thus, the company was searching for a solution that would enable them to keep track of the LTE connection quality of their devices. Greenet additionally wanted to track channel quality (CQI), signal to interference and noise ratio (SINR) as well as other signal quality indicators (such as RSSI).


From the wide variety of Cloud ACS features, device monitoring including LTE monitoring was the most appropriate one to fulfil the needs of Greenet. Using LTE as a main access technology, platform’s LTE monitoring features retrieve LTE parameters from the device in a scheduled period of time and presents the gathered data in one place. In the platform, signal strength (RSRP) and quality (RSRQ) are two of the most important indicators of received signal and thus the tracking focus is put on them. On top of that, each parameter’s history is shown separately, but can also be displayed in a form of comparison on one timeline. With LTE monitoring, the platform gives the opportunity to monitor any other LTE parameter as well. Each monitored parameter has its threshold set to a value specified by the Customer. If values of given parameters dramatically drop, Cloud ACS shows an alert in the device panel. It is also possible to create a mechanism that will send an email if the alert is triggered. Significant drops of LTE signal quality can result in limited services for the end user. To have an insight of the real internet connection quality, platform’s Latency monitoring was used. In the scheduled periods of time, the device performs tests of response time and packet loss transmission to a given host. Results are presented on the timelines and distribution of both parameters is shown on separate histograms. It is also up to the Customer to decide what values of response time and packet loss are unacceptable.


Cloud ACS is a scalable solution and as such it allows Greenet to expand its business without worrying about changing the system in the future. This greatly helped the company when they migrated the customers of a wholesale customer to the ACS of AVSystem to be able to benefit from the advantages of Cloud ACS. Greenet’s one-domain account on the platform was turned into a multi-tenant account allowing the company to divide access to the system in a comprehensive and easy way. AVSystem’s cloud platform offers sophisticated LTE monitoring features that considerably increased the quality of service for Greenet.


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