DOCSIS provisioning

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DOCSIS provisioning

Read on to learn more about DOCSIS provisioning or download our brochure to find out how you can extend the usability of your DOCSIS infrastructure with AVSystem’s Unified Management Platform.

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Easily and efficiently manage DOCSIS CPEs with the DOCSIS Provisioning solution

In a modern ecosystem of fast and reliable services, extending the lifetime of infrastructure such as older generations of DOCSIS devices is a long-standing problem for ISPs. DOCSIS Provisioning solves this problem by enabling management of existing DOCSIS devices in a unified way with other access technologies.

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Provision and manage your DOCSIS CPEs in 3 steps
1. DHCP request

AVSystem’s DOCSIS Provisioning starts with DHCP server assigning both the device IP and DOCSIS server URI to the modem so that the CPE can download its configuration file. AVSystem can provide its own DHCP server or operate in the existing DHCP infrastructure.

2. Prepare DOCSIS configuration in UMP

Decide to either use predefined provisioning flow configuration or to tailor the configuration files and auto-discovery process to your needs using UMP platform. After DHCP configuration, the device contacts the DOCSIS server (embedded in AVSystem UMP) and downloads its dynamically built configuration file over TFTP.

3. Manage and monitor DOCSIS CPEs

After initial configuration, DOCSIS CPEs can be monitored and managed through a management protocol (e.g. SNMP, TR-069, Telnet/SSH and others) with AVSystem’s UMP. This enables execution of additional operations such as firmware upgrades, reboots, zero-touch (using external systems integration) as well as advanced monitoring features.

Key features

Full support for technologies such as DOCSIS 1.0/1.1, DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.1, or PacketCable 2.0 with their security extensions.

Fully configurable auto-discovery of new devices with dynamic generation of DOCSIS files and provisioning API for BSS integration.

Support for various management protocols (SNMP, TR-069, Telnet/SSH and others).

Uniform DOCSIS provisioning and management along with CPEs using other access technologies in a single platform.

Integration with AVSystem’s DHCP server capable of supporting millions of subscriber devices.

docsis provisioning
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Download our brochure to learn how to efficiently manage DOCSIS devices using Unified Management Platform and how it can boost your network operations.

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