Fixed Wireless Access

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Fixed Wireless Access

Read on to learn more about fixed wireless access or download our brochure “Maximize your return on FWA investment” to learn how our solution can help your business increase profit from this service.

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Maximize your return on investment with automated service quality assurance

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is an increasingly popular access network technology that brings broadband services to residential and business locations where cable/optical infrastructure is not viable. It works by connecting two fixed locations using wireless technologies, effectively eliminating the need for last-mile investments.

Telecommunications service providers have long been looking for an effective method of providing internet access in areas where it has been unavailable before. This could have been due to the costs associated with laying the wire, questionable profitability in sparsely populated areas, or simply caused by legal limitations, such as zoning laws. Over the years, there have also been concerns regarding the quality of signal in FWA deployments which effectively put providers off this technology as inferior to solutions such as FTTx.

However, with the technical progress that’s been made, as well as the emergence of private LTE networks and 5G deployments, providers tend to look more kindly at FWA as the only reasonable alternative for previously excluded areas. Nowadays, it can not only compete with fiber networks, it is oftentimes the only solution to expand one’s market reach. In the US the popularity of FWA is amplified by the release of the 3.5 GHz midband CBRS spectrum for commercial use, which created new investment opportunities for providers.

Get more out of your FWA investment

Do you want to know how to make the best of your fixed wireless access deployment? Find out from our brochure.

For any fixed wireless access deployment to be successful, telcos need to.
For any fixed wireless access deployment to be successful, telcos need to:

  • focus on finding the right device vendor, as devices that frequently lose signal might put the fixed wireless access deployment at risk, especially if you can’t manage them properly;

  • ensure superior quality of service (QoS) through robust monitoring and short mean time to repair (MTTR), while effectively managing the costs of customer support operations.

AVSystem can help you with both through our Unified Management Platform and dedicated Fixed Wireless Access module.
AVSystem can help you with both through our Unified Management Platform and dedicated Fixed Wireless Access module:

  • CPE vendors can use AVSystem’s TR-069 test tool for compliance; this will give you certainty that the devices meet the highest industry standards and can be easily managed and monitored;

  • telcos can use our platform for device management; most importantly, thanks to insights specific to FWA, as well as NMS integrations, the customer care and NOC departments can quickly solve and prevent customer issues.

Turn QoS metrics into revenue generating strategies

Our Fixed Wireless Access module provides fully automated latency and packet loss monitoring, speed tests, and QoS trend analysis. At the end of each month you will receive an advanced, auto-generated QoS report based on fine-grained radio status data samples. Use this technical insight to identify opportunities and create new, revenue-generating strategies for your deployment.

Deliver better customer experience and downsize operational expenses

Hiring and training experts in wireless technologies, such as LTE or 5G, is a challenge. This is why you should rely on task automation to reduce your team’s workload. AVSystem’s UMP collects various device parameters which it then translates into easy to read KPIs. When the customer calls, even less experienced operators can quickly verify these, run speed tests and other diagnostics, and then resolve the issue in a matter of seconds with automated repair actions.

Reduce your mean time to repair for performance issues

Monitoring the quality of wireless signal and making sure it’s no worse than in cable deployments is crucial for FWA investments. UMP’s Fixed Wireless Access module lets you easily visualize KPIs and get insights into network performance, user experience, and service quality. By monitoring worst-performing BTSes or frequently rebooting devices on the main dashboards, NOC teams can easily identify problems and fix them faster.

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Download our brochure about fixed wireless access to identify three main areas where you can optimize your deployment to achieve the best return on investment possible.

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