In retail, Wi-Fi can be not only a benefit to your customers, but a tremendous advantage to your business. When leveraged right, a retail Wi-Fi network is a powerful tool to better understand and interact with your clients that delivers a tangible profit.

How retail Wi-Fi benefits customers
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Everyone likes free things

Can you imagine a coffee shop with no paper cups? This is because they became an indispensable feature for to-go visitors. Much like free Wi-Fi did for to-stay customers in retail. Everyone just expects it to be there. And regardless of whether “there” is a small chain of coffee shops or a large supermarket franchise, Linkyfi allows you to easily provide and manage Wi-Fi access.

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Retailers like them, too

In Linkyfi, retailers can freely modify customer Wi-Fi access to draw benefits without being weighed down by the costs. You can, for example, reward users who provide you with more detailed information about themselves upon logging in with better Internet access and then leverage the data to your advantage.

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How retail Wi-Fi benefits businesses
Identify Your Clients
Identify your clients

A “customer persona” can be hard to pinpoint, but with Linkyfi’s machine learning algorithms, retailers can obtain key information about their visitors, such as gender and age, but also engagement levels and return rates. This will help you see your core clients versus just passers-by, as well as learn what keeps them coming back and how to better address their needs.

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Monitor Customer Journey
Monitor customer journey

Linkyfi’s proprietary location engine can trace shopper movements and identify the most frequented areas in the store. This data can be used to avoid congestion, plan promotional activities or create a better customer journey in the future.

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Impress Your Clients From the Start
Impress your clients from the start

With flexible editors available in Linkyfi, it is possible to create both tailored captive portals that will provide you with the information you need about your clients, as well as enticing landing pages where you can show your best deals or share coupons.

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Keep in Touch
Keep in touch

Based on consumer data and contact information captured, retailers can easily use Linkyfi’s marketing engine to ensure omnichannel marketing both in and out of the store, to provide customers with a wholesome shopping experience. You can, for example, easily send personalized marketing campaigns to specific client groups to give them a bit of a personal touch, reward the most loyal shoppers with extra offers or target non-returning customers to invite them back.

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