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You can enhance both your visitors’ experience and your business and marketing strategy by offering guest WiFi at your stadium, if you know how to manage it right. With Linkyfi, our business intelligence platform for WiFi management, marketing and social distancing, it is now easier than ever.

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Use analytics to improve visitor experience
Use analytics to improve visitor experience

Linkyfi collects anonymous data about devices. See how and where they move to enhance sports fans’ experience offline, use your stadium space better and ensure security at large events.

  • Clearly visualized data about footfall and dwell times helps you determine the most popular places in the venue, so that you can optimize your space and lease strategy.

  • By analyzing traffic flow you can understand how visitors move around the stadium and make necessary changes to improve throughput and avoid bottlenecks during large events.

Take marketing to next level with WiFi
Take marketing to next level with WiFi

Linkyfi is not only a WiFi management solution, it is a powerful marketing engine that will make your promotional strategy even more effective.

  • Promote your own brand with a customized captive portal and flexible login flows that can land visitors on your e-commerce site, so that loyal fans can buy your merchandise on the fly.

  • Run targeted e-mail campaigns, reminding fans about upcoming events at the stadium or promoting special offers for tickets and merchandise.

  • Get creative and use Linkyfi’s limitless possibilities to build your own imaginative marketing campaigns – see how Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium did it!

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Manage WiFi access whatever the scale
Manage WiFi access whatever the scale

There are two key elements to providing effective stadium WiFi: sturdy WiFi infrastructure and powerful management tools. Together with our partners we can give you both.

  • You need to be ready for a spiking influx of WiFi users during events, which requires a large number of high- end access points and an advanced platform like Linkyfi to manage user experience easily.

  • Linkyfi gives you granular control of access settings, such as bandwidth or session timeout, which helps you manage your WiFi network effectively at critical times.

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