Managing branches is a big chunk of operational costs for banks. However, by combining offline and online value proposition in one place to provide a comprehensive omnichannel experience, you can in fact turn that cost to your advantage. The way to achieve this are value-added services like Linkyfi – WiFi management tool for banks.

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Provide online experience

Captivate your clients

WiFi for banks doesn’t only mean better customer experience with free WiFi on site. You can tap into unlimited opportunities for self-promotion with our flexible, easy-to-use captive portal builder. Whenever a client logs into the WiFi in your branch, you can attract their attention with ads that promote investments, credit card offers and more – since they’re already there, it’s more likely the customers will ask about the offer they’ve seen when meeting your staff face-to-face.

FinTech needs MAdTech

Practically everyone needs a banking account, which makes finance a very diverse but also competitive market. This is why banks need MAdTech – Marketing and Advertising Technologies. Services like Linkyfi allow you to create very specific and targeted WiFi marketing and advertising campaigns tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences.

Promote your brand

Linkyfi is a white label solution – this means that the access to the WiFi at the bank can be offered under your own label and not ours and your WiFi login page can showcase only your brand. Thanks to the flexibility of the captive portal builder, you can adjust the logos, color schemes and more, without worrying about the value-added services you provide not matching your brand narrative.

Showcase your products

If you take advantage of Linkyfi’s WiFi for banks solution, whenever clients log into your network, you can land them on the store page or the website for your app. Now it’s there to explore while they wait or for your staff to demonstrate when needed.

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Improve offline presence
Monitor branch operations
Monitor branch operations

Free WiFi at the bank branches can help you collect accurate data on how many clients visit a particular branch and how long they are there. You can use collected data to optimize operations and provide better customer care. If there are more visitors at a particular time of day, maybe you can move staff there from less frequented hours to shorten the waiting time? Or if the number of visitors is low, but the waiting time is still high, maybe it’s worth investigating and reconsidering certain processes to make them easier and faster?

Learn about offline clients
Learn about offline clients

With Linkyfi’s WiFi for banks solution, you have detailed information about the habits of your online users, but what about the traditionalists who never downloaded your app? How many of them visit your branch regularly? How frequently do they return? Linkyfi gives you the tools to collect data on new and returning visitors, as well as their engagement levels. You can use it to complement the information you already have on your digital customers to see a fuller picture of your customer base.

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