Comparing the efficiency
of LwM2M and MQTT

When planning IoT deployments many enterprises face the question which protocol will best suit their needs: LwM2M or MQTT? Until now it was impossible to answer that question; not only because it largely depends on the type of deployment itself, but more importantly, because these two protocols – while used to arrive at the same end – in fact serve two very distinct purposes and there was no objective data to compare them.

This is why MachNation – an independent company devoted to benchmarking IoT solutions – decided to be the first to perform an independent comparative study between these two protocols. The aim was to objectively test the efficiency and performance of both LwM2M and MQTT in a laboratory setting to analyze how they perform against curated scenarios that reflect real-life use cases for these protocols.

Download this technical study to learn:

  • what are LwM2M protocol for device management and MQTT connectivity protocol;
  • why this study is relevant for IoT deployments;
  • how LwM2M and MQTT compare in packet analysis scenarios such as: initial connection; steady-state connection; 30-second interval observation reporting; single on-device variable update; OTA firmware update;
  • how LwM2M and MQTT compare in power consumption when idle and at different interval observation reporting;
  • what are the technical and business implications of using one over the other.
Iot M2m Council

“By choosing the right technology protocol, IoT developers will help enterprises bring their IoT solutions to market faster, save ongoing development and management costs, and future-proof their IoT solutions.

One of the most important technology protocols is the one that facilitates platform-to-device communications and, in some cases, supports management of IoT devices. LwM2M and MQTT are two of the most common protocols that enterprise IoT developers consider to solve these challenges.”

Comparing the efficiency of LwM2M and MQTT: hands-on test results of two technology clients on a typical IoT device

MachNation, 2020

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