Aastra Telecom Selected AVSystem TR-069 Client for IP Phones!

We are glad to inform you that Aastra Telecom has selected AVSystem TR-069 solution to be incorporated within manufactured by Aastra IP phone family.

The AVSystem’s client has been selected due to extremely efficient memory management and RAM/ROM memory consumption.
As the only library on the market, TR-069 library / stack / client (libcwmp) from AVSystem allows for preparation of single-thread client.
One of the key point during decision process was capability of operating as single-thread application and outstanding porting capabilities and support of many operating systems (Linux, Unix, VxWorks, uC-OS2, Win32 and more).

About AVSystem TR-069 client

The AVSystem’s TR-069 library offers the smallest RAM/Flash memory consumption on the market and it is widely deployed among many other
device manufacturers. Library size is below 80kB what makes it possible to incorporate it into any device. Especially legacy devices with
limited amount of memory are excellent field of AVSystem libcwmp implementation. Moreover, the libcwmp from AVSystem supports any data models and all TR-xxx specifications from Broadband Forum. It includes abstraction layer so any porting is extremely simple task.

Be TR-069 ready! With AVSystem!

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