AVSystem and 4ipnet announced strategic and powerful partnership

Taipei, Taiwan – 8 May 2017 - AVSystem and 4ipnet announced strategic partnership. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, 4ipnet designs and delivers innovative solutions for optimized guest WiFi connectivity; whereas, AVSystem, located in Krakow, Poland, is an expert in WiFi VAS with Linkyfi WiFi Management & Marketing Platform and powerful Linkyfi Location Engine, now supported by 4ipnet’s EAP737 3x3 indoor access point.

User connected to a 4ipnet WiFi network can be authenticated directly via their Facebook, Google+, or OpenID accounts. Moreover, basic user information can be collected for marketing and advertising purposes. The integration with Linkyfi Location Engine (LLE) takes this WiFi monetization feature to the next level.

Linkyfi Location Engine includes all features of a standard real-time location system (RTLS), advanced analytics tool and indoor navigation solution. Via access points connected to the WiFi network, the LLE collects clients’ RSSI in real-time. The less-than-2-second-resolution-time frame effectively locates users and makes it possible to precisely navigate them towards their final destination. LLE can collect and analyze any amount of data, with no retention limits, which then can be used for advanced analytics and creating detailed heatmaps.

The real game changer is the DNS integration, which is currently one of its kinds on the market.

The 4ipnet and AVSystem partnership not only brings forth more competitive WiFi service offerings but also has geographic advantages. 4ipnet has a strong presence in both East Asia and South East Asia, given its HQ’s location; furthermore, the company has established long-term partnerships around the world, across five different continents. On the other hand, worldwide operators use AVSystem’s Linkyfi, to name a few: T-Mobile, Orange, Telefónica Global. Both companies are seeking to constantly expand and increase their global and market presence.

The collaboration between 4ipnet and AVSystem aims to project a new voice in the market, competitive and powerful in both Wi-Fi network solution as well as value-added analytics.

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