AVSystem and CellBounce Partnering to Deliver DIY-like Cellular Connectivity Upgrade For Home Security Service Providers

AVSystem and CellBounce announce their partnership aimed at helping home security and automation service providers upgrade from 3G to 4G/LTE networks without sending technicians onsite.

CellBounce provides an innovative plug-and-play conversion technology designed to perform the required radio updates to systems which currently rely on 3G that is set to sunset at the beginning of 2022. AVSystem is an industry leader in device management and the developer of Unified Management Platform (UMP) – a multiprotocol device management platform deployed at well over 100 telecom/broadband operators in over 60 countries worldwide. 

The impending 3G sunset in the US, planned by some telcos as early as 2022, presents logistical and financial challenges to sensitive areas, such as the home security industry. It is now incumbent upon them to upgrade millions of legacy M2M and IoT devices, otherwise, numerous alarm systems will be rendered obsolete if no action is taken.

The AVSystem and Cellbounce partnership brings the user a self-installed, plug and play device with a management platform that allows home security service providers to auto-configure, provision and manage the devices for smooth transition to a 4G signal.  This will allow legacy devices to still be used, by converting the external 4G network signal to be picked up locally as a 3G signal. Alternatively, alarm panel service providers would have to send field technicians to a house call to upgrade all the existing 3G devices to be 4G-compatible manually. Meanwhile, the CellBounce/AVSystem combination brings an out-of-the-box conversion technology with full management capability as an easy DIY solution that can be delivered to the end user by mail.

With AVSystem’s comprehensive solutions provided by UMP, such as zero-touch provisioning, the fix requires no further action from the end user who can sleep safely, not having to do anything but plug in the device. Thanks to features such as device monitoring, the provider can be sure that the performance of their devices is being monitored and any anomalies are quickly being picked up and reported. AVSystem’s UMP also comes with other functionalities necessary for this type of deployment, such as firmware upgrades over the air, device group management and dashboards with overviews per device and device group, unleashing the power of the CellBounce femtocells, an extremely reliable and easy-to-use solution.

Our partnership with Cellbounce enables home security service providers to remotely manage these customer premise devices for smooth transition, in a self-service, plug and play manner. Alternatively, manual replacement through sending technicians on site is both cost-inhibitive to service providers and disruptive to end user customers. Having an industry-standards based management platform takes the service providers to another level of automation when it comes to managing remotely deployed assets, says William Yan, President of Americas at AVSystem.

AVSystem has been an incredible partner as we worked together to solve the non truck roll, low cost, plug in gateway that bridges sun setting 3G to 4G seamlessly, said Michael Lamb, President of CellBounce.


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