AVSystem Announces Support for USP in Unified Management Platform

Products & Solutions 15 October 2019

AVSystem is proud to announce the release of support for USP -- a new device management standard that will help increase the value of the end user’s broadband connection with efficient monitoring and management capabilities.

The recent release of the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) is drawing attention of more and more telco operators. This new standard, known also under the name of TR-369, is meant to be the natural evolution of widely adopted TR-069 (CWMP).

AVSystem, as one of the few companies, is ready to offer support for the standard, by implementing it in their flagship Unified Management Platform. UMP is a multiprotocol and highly scalable and flexible system for provisioning, management and monitoring of various types of devices in broadband networks. As device management in UMP is done via various protocols, USP seems to be a great addition to UMP’s collection of device management standards supported already, such as: TR-069, SNMP, OMA-DM, Telnet, SSH, LwM2M, MQTT, HTTP or CoAP.

The User Services Platform (USP) is a standard that enables lifecycle management and flexible deployment capabilities thanks to a new architecture and data model. These features also allow for secure management of consumer devices from set-top-boxes to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) gateways, to business and home WiFi. Since the standard builds on TR-069 it also allows easy coexistence and is backwards-compatible with its predecessor. This is further enhanced by USP’s IoT device proxy which enables the user to maintain connection with legacy devices or different architectures.

CWMP or so called TR-069, was the first standard with which we started building our experience in the field of device management in broadband telecommunication networks. 13 years of expertise allowed us to efficiently evolve our product portfolio to keep up with the rapid expansion of the industry. As of now, we provide software that covers a vast array of services in the telco and IoT world – from device management, service activation, M2M & IoT platforms to indoor location, smart shopping malls, wayfinding and panic button solutions for enterprises. It seems only natural to furnish our device management platform with USP in order to answer the needs of the market – says Slawomir Wolf, CEO at AVSystem.

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