AVSystem libCWMP First to Fully Support TR-069 Amendment 5

Products & Solutions 10 January 2014

AVSystem released a new version of its top-rated library AVSystem libCWMP supporting the most recent version of CWMP.

Kraków, Poland, January 10, 2014

AVSystem, vendor of innovative and highly scalable Unified Device Management Platform offering remote management and monitoring of CPEs, announced today the release of the newest AVSystem libCWMP 5.0 – a client library implementing CPE WAN Management Protocol for embedded devices and customer premises equipment. AVSystem library, as the first on the market, fully supports the most recent version of CWMP protocol defined by TR-069 Amendment 5.

Main features, added in the latest version and directed especially towards high resolution device monitoring, include:

  • XMPP Connection Request – introduced in TR-069 Amendment 5 to replace old STUN-based approach to Connection Requests;
  • UDP Lightweight Notifications – an effective way to notify Auto Configuration Server about Parameter changes without the need to initiate new CWMP session;
  • Periodic Statistics – a great tool for device monitoring;
  • HTTP compression – a perfect way to save the bandwidth.

libCWMP 5.0 uses a new modular architecture, which makes it even more extensible and easy-to-use. Being developed in ANSI C, it offers highly optimized and efficient code as well as ultimately low memory footprint (RAM and flash memory). Lack of external third party or open source library dependencies gives flexibility and full control over the deployment process to the CPE vendor.

AVSystem delivers end-to-end solutions to the market, including software components for CPE manufacturers and products for Telcos, ISP and B2B. Being the vendor of Next Generation ACS, AVSystem established its position as a technology market leader in unified & agnostic device management and monitoring platforms. Moreover, the company follows the latest industry trends by participating actively in the standardization processes of the Broadband Forum.

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