AVSystem Shares its Expertise Around LwM2M with Proven Best Solutions at Recent OMA TestFest

Business 22 February 2018

Krakow, Poland – 22 February 2018 – One year after LwM2M v.1.0 was officially approved and some time after the recent Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) TestFest in Warsaw, AVSystem shares its thoughts and expertise around LwM2M adoption.

There is no doubt, that the number of LwM2M adopters worldwide has significantly increased during last year. The regions that take the lead in the protocol early adoption include Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and Australia. But it is not only about growing number of businesses that decide to use the common IoT standard. What’s crucial here is the expanding number of verticals where the LwM2M-based solutions are being deployed, which today includes Automotive, Agriculture, Smart City, Smart Metering and E-health. The industry itself also supports protocol standardization and indicates that the amount of LwM2M-compliant devices will be growing even more rapidly in 2018.

AVSystem with its Anjay LwM2M SDK and Coiote IoT Platform constantly contributes to the protocol’s growing recognition. Anjay SDK, released as an open source in February 2017, today has over ten production deployments. The number of the Coiote IoT platform’s deployments, in turn, has doubled only during the last quarter.

To read the entire article in which AVSystem comments the status of the current LwM2M adoption visit OMA SpecWorks' blog.

Furthermore, the growing number of TestFest participants undoubtedly indicates, that more and more companies aim to build and develop IoT ecosystems on a solid foundation. AVSystem is very proud to lead this list with the highest number of successful tests for both the client (494 passed tests) and server side (426 passed tests).

We are proud to say that it’s already the fourth time when both our client and server reach the highest number of successful test cases during OMA TestFest”, says Wojciech Czech, CTO at AVSystem. „Although we are very excited that the interest in our Anjay LwM2M SDK has surpassed our expectations, what is truly great is not only the improvement of existing solutions. Most importantly, LwM2M awareness increases and that causes more and more IoT vendors to implement the common standard. This is a very exciting moment for the IoT community.”, he adds.

Predictions are, that all these trends are likely to continue, especially after OMA SpecWorks officially announced the details of the upcoming LwM2M 1.1 release.

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