AVSystem Releases a new set of Anjay Tools to Facilitate Building an IoT Ecosystem

AVSystem is happy to announce a set of tools that will help developers integrate their applications with the LwM2M protocol and reduce time-to-market for their solutions.

The new Try Anjay tool enables developers to test out clients that are based on the open-source version of Anjay. Developers get free and open access to a dedicated testing environment based on the Coiote IoT Device Management platform which helps them develop integration of their IoT devices with LwM2M. This dramatically speeds up the development process and contributes to the wider adoption of the standard.

Another significant upgrade to the open-source Anjay version is the release of the mbedOS demo application. With this new addition, AVSystem offers a network abstraction layer for MbedOS that greatly speeds up integration of the SDK in the MbedOS environment. With the mbedOS client, developers will also gain understanding of how sensors available on the board interact with MbedOS which can help them implement their own sensors for their applications in the future.

Finally, the new 2.3 version of open-source Anjay includes such major changes as:

  • Facilitation of creating projects for environments without CMake support
  • Public access to scheduler for easy asynchronous tasks scheduling

The source code and full documentation of the product are both available on GitHub.

A commercial version of Anjay is also available including latest updates such as:

  • Public SMS driver API for integration with custom SMS drivers
  • Support for retry mechanisms described in the Lightweight M2M TS 1.1.1 specification

Visit for details and product page for commercial support inquiries.

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