AVSystem releases I-CUBE-ANJAY Software package to promote development of LwM2M on STMicroelectronics STM32 microcontrollers

Customers & Partners 12 January 2023

AVSystem, an ST Authorized Partner, announces the availability of I-CUBE-ANJAY, a new STM32CubeMX package for Cellular IoT connectivity. AVSystem, working with STMicroelectronics, aims to deliver a high-quality integration of its cloud connection available in the IoT device management solution with the STM32Cube Ecosystem to simplify and ease implementation of IoT solutions based on the Lightweight Machine to Machine protocol (LwM2M). 


The benefits of IoT solutions based on the LwM2M protocol include advanced security, remote device configuration, and easy device management. Even though these benefits are highly appreciated by solution architects, they have yet to overcome the challenge to implement the LwM2M client with chipsets to create protocol-compliant devices.

To make implementations smoother and less expensive, there is a need for creating development tools.Based on such feedback collected from device vendors and embedded developers, AVSystem has decided to provide a complete solution by combining prime features of STM32 chipsets with Anjay, an LwM2M client, to I-CUBE-ANJAY.


“By creating the I-CUBE-ANJAY package, we hope to create a superior development experience in the STM32 ecosystem. We are convinced that introducing such a solution, development of an LwM2M device becomes as easy as the development of an MQTT device,but while delivering additional device management capabilities out-of-the-box.” says Marcin Nagy, Product Director, IoT at AVSystem. 


Up to now, it required much more effort to build an LwM2M device than an MQTT device. Currently, there are several available open-source LwM2M clients (e.g., Anjay) that developersneed tointegrate into the STM32 environment. I-CUBE-ANJAY as a package in STM32CubeMX enables a rapid setup of the LwM2M device project. As a result, the development of the device is effectively reduced to the implementation of sensors and actuators' logic.

This project is unique because the Anjay LwM2M client is connected to the existing components of the STM32 ecosystem. Among them are X-CUBE-CELLULAR, enabling communication of STM32 with modules delivered by Sequans, Murata, and Quectel; LwIP - a widely used open-source TCP/IP stack designed for embedded systems, as well as MbedTLS cryptographic library. With all these valuable components of the STM32 ecosystem, developers can build robust IoT devices with ease.


"We see plenty of potential in LwM2M as a technology of future cloud communication for IoT devices. However, until now there have been very few comprehensive tools available for making it available, I-CUBE-ANJAY is a major step in the right direction. As AVSystem’s solution is integrated with major cloud providers, they have shown reliability toenable a complete end-to-end device management solution that helps to accelerate time-to-market of IoT devices based on STM32."says Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba,Cellular IoT Ecosystem Manager, GPM Sub-Group at STMicroelectronics.

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