AVSystem Releases New Network Assurance Product for Telcos

AVSystem announces the release of Broadband Service Assurance Platform (BSAP), a system designed to improve operations for telecommunications service providers by supplying them with tools to maintain network assurance and high level of customer satisfaction.

Telco operators typically manage complex, heterogeneous networks with different devices from many vendors, which are hard to maintain. AVSystem’s new product was developed as a response to customer demand for having a unified overview of network access devices that enables easy and proactive troubleshooting by customer care and network operations centers. This ensures better SLA compliance at a lower cost and, consequently, can have a positive impact on customer relations.

BSAP offers data aggregation from different network access devices (OLT/CMTS, DSLAM/MSAN, eNodeB) that ensures a bird’s-eye view of the infrastructure. The platform is equipped with a powerful AI-driven algorithm for predictive maintenance. It uses machine learning-based trend analysis to detect patterns of device operations and automatically alert users of any impending issues. This helps operators deliver on the promise of fast and uninterrupted service, as they are able to react quickly even before problems occur. Personalization of the platform and flexible reporting abilities guarantee that teams are provided with a solution fitted to their business operations, regardless of how non-standard they are. All these characteristics result in shorter downtimes and reduced maintenance costs, while simultaneously improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

This is just one of a few new products we are going to launch soon, built around AI and machine learning. We are investing our resources heavily to take the value of our portfolio to the next level. This time we were looking for ways to help NOCs optimize and automate their operations and we found that this is an area where a modern approach could potentially create revolutionary results.

We decided to develop a new product using our extensive knowledge amassed over the years of working with hundreds of operators in the telco space. The result is a product that is 100% oriented towards improving broadband service quality.

This is important now more than ever. The global lockdown has forced us all into our homes for work and everyday life, making quality and stability of the Internet connectionthenumber one priority for telcos. I’m sure most of us have been facing some kind of network congestion while sitting in on a video conference in the past few months. Now we have a tool which can predict that even before issues happen. At AVSystem we believe that our solution will help telcos improve subscriber satisfaction and consequently reduce churn, says Sławomir Wolf, CEO at AVSystem.

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