AVSystem Releases a new Version of Open-source Anjay SDK

Products & Solutions 23 January 2020

AVSystem is pleased to announce that an open-source version of Anjay 2.2.1 has just been released on GitHub.This major release synchronizes the open-source version of Anjay with the commercial branch, that has been in development since September 2018.

Anjay is a free and open-source LwM2M SDK (Software Development Kit) that helps vendors of the Internet of Things & M2M equipment easily implement support for the LwM2M protocol. It can be easily incorporated into the firmware of a device to enable remote management over the LwM2M protocol. Anjay together with Coiote IoT Device Management provide all you need for robust IoT device management that leverages LwM2M’s extensive feature set.

Major changes to the previous open-source version of Anjay (1.16) include:

  • Redesigned data model APIs, fully compatible with the current commercial version
  • Redesigned and more robust error handling code
  • Entirely rewritten and now more flexible CoAP implementation
  • Asynchronous processing Register, Update, Request Bootstrap and confirmable Notify messages without blocking other functionality

Full changelog can be found in the commit message.

Commercial version of Anjay is also available, featuring comprehensive support for LwM2M 1.1 features, including Composite operations, Send method, SenML JSON and CBOR data formats, as well as TCP, SMS and NIDD bindings.

The new release of Anjay 2.2.1 makes the open-source version’s API fully compatible with the current commercial codebase, which can be used as a drop-in replacement – so that you can start development using the free version, and effortlessly migrate to the version 1.1 later.

The source code and full documentation of Anjay are both available on GitHub.

Visit for details and for commercial support inquiries.

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