AVSystem TR-069 Client Available for Google Android

AVSystem’s TR-069 client library for embedded solutions – the lightest and fastest on the market – is fully available for devices with Google Android operating system, announced the company’s R&D Department. The development of CWMPDroid module for TR-069 client, initiated in January 2012, is now in its final stage.

July 16, 2012 – AVSystem, the foremost software house specializing in TR-069 solutions and embedded development, is proud to announce the finalization of its TR-069 client CWMPDroid project aimed at full availability of LibCWMP TR-069 client for devices with Google Android operating system. This Java-targeted solution is based on years of hands-on experience with device management and TR-069 protocol. TR-069 client LibCWMP with CWMPDroid module is ready to be integrated in first Android- or Java-enabled devices at short notice. AVSystem provides full and extensive support during the integration and maintenance of its product.

TR-069 client LibCWMP library from AVSystem is strictly compliant with TR-069 and accompanying standards. Its key features are: the lowest possible memory requirements (both of RAM and Flash), low CPU utilization, clear and robust two-level API, modularity and native support for advanced TR-069 mechanisms (diagnostics, notifications, periodic informs, etc.). Flexibility of design makes it fit practically any device (i.e. wired and wireless modems, gateways, routers, IP Phones, mobile devices and many more). AVSystem’s TR-069 client has been chosen by many industry leaders, to mention only Aastra, AudioCodes, Grandstream, Swissvoice and Yealink.

LibCWMP was designed at the beginning to integrate smoothly with any type of operating system. Notwithstanding, in the face of rising significance of Google Android, AVSystem’s R&D Department decided to greatly improve its TR-069 client’s performance in Android- and Java-enabled devices by creating a dedicated CWMPDroid module. CWMPDroid is able to support any data model and can be very quickly integrated. Along with impressive TR-069 client baseline features it is definitely the best and practically incomparable TR-069 embedded solution for a large and constantly growing market segment.

“There are some existing projects that can be integrated with Android platform, but none of them fully uses capabilities provided by Google system. Our new module is a substantial step forward” – said Adam Zyzak, Project Leader at AVSystem’s R&D Department. “During the development of CWMPDroid we managed to perform sample integrations with many Android components as well as applications available in Google Play. The examples include, among many others: SIP applications, device memory usage, battery state and incoming calls. We also did our best to simplify the interface and make integration as easy as possible, and I am positive that we managed to achieve that”.

To learn more about CWMPDroid please contact AVSystem at [email protected].

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