AVSystem Wins Tender for TR-069 ACS Server Deployment in Pakistan

Customers & Partners 07 September 2016

Outperformed bidders include Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and ZTE. This proves AVSystem’s TR-069 ACS Unified Device Management Platform best in class solution for CPE management.

June 06, 2012AVSystem, vendor of innovative TR-069 solutions for Telcos, Service Providers and device manufacturers, won the tender for deployment of TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL). AVSystem’s TR-069 ACS – Unified Device Management Platform – will thus serve as means of provisioning for about 3 million devices to be managed by the largest Pakistani Telco. Once implemented, the solution will substantially improve PTCL customers’ experience and grant the company a very favorable ROI. By winning this tender, AVSystem has significantly expanded its presence on the Asian market.

Unified Device Management Platform (UMP) is a unique, flexible, vendor-agnostic provisioning system for all kinds of devices, including IP phones, DSL or Wi-Fi modems, routers, ATA’s, gateways, LTE’s, femtocells and IPTV STB. It acts as a single point of control over the network, giving the Service Provider all the benefits of a TR-069 ACS server along with exceptional tools to handle any other protocol. Among its unique combination of features are also: scalable multi-master architecture, rapid service delivery, instant monitoring and smart firmware management. More information about the platform.

The deployment of UMP as the Auto-Configuration Server is a part of PTCL’s strategy to be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region, a goal which the company wants to achieve by maximizing customer satisfaction and shareholders’ value. PTCL focuses on making their infrastructure ready for constantly growing present and future needs. TR-069 ACS server in the most flexible and innovative form of AVSystem’s Unified Device Management Platform was a natural choice to be made in these circumstances.

“We are not surprised that we easily won with solutions from Huawei or ZTE because we have defeated them already in several projects in Europe and Middle East. On the other hand, ACS TR-069 system from Alcatel Motive has been thought to be the market leader”, said Slawomir Wolf, CEO at AVSystem. “We are really proud that our solution outperformed such companies as Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and ZTE. This just confirms that our strategy of continuous development of our flagship TR-069 ACS server and huge investment into R&D can create technology advantage and bring lots of benefits for our customers. The project in Pakistan is very demanding and exceedingly interesting, since PTCL has a large and diverse network to be managed. UMP, our TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server, was designed specifically to deal with heterogeneous networks. I am confident that it will fit perfectly in this case”.

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