AVSystem’s Coiote – a new Comprehensive IoT Platform for M2M Device Management, Orchestration and Monitoring

company 12 October 2015

AVSystem is proud to announce the release of a new product designed for managing the world of IoT and M2M. The AVSystem Coiote, a state-of-the-art platform for management & monitoring, is a perfect fit for the current and future service providers’ needs.

AVSystem’s Coiote is a solution destined for turning the dreams of a properly-functioning IoT paradigm into a reality. Including a wide range of adaptive tools for device management, monitoring, coordination and troubleshooting, Coiote presents a fully comprehensive approach to the issue of any IoT-related services. All of these advanced functions are key to providing services which can be immediately delivered and easily maintained; timeless standards regardless of the industry.

Key features of AVSystem’s Coiote include the native support of multiple M2M protocols such as the OMA LWM2M, MQTT, XMPP, TR-069 and OMA-DM. Together with an extended support of the virtualization, this enables the integration with all of the industry’s standards and simplified deployment and management of new M2M services. Easy coordination of collective device behavior is also made possible thanks to dynamic grouping of devices with flexible migration rules.

AVSystem’s Coiote Platform provides advanced monitoring capabilities which are necessary for very specific M2M use cases such as Smart Home, Smart Metering, Automotive, Healthcare, Digital Home, manufacturing, and others like, ATMs, and Smart Street Lights. Furthermore, an extensive business intelligence module provides the possibility of pro-active alerting and Big Data analysis, permitting instant detection of any problems in the IoT environment.

Of course, described above are only some of the benefits provided by AVSystem’s Coiote. If you would like to find out more, please contact our team at or take a look at the product’s brochure.

About AVSystem

AVSystem is a market leader in advanced CPE & device management for Telcos and ICT SPs based on TR-069 family and other management protocols like http/s, SNMP, LWM2M, ssh, telnet, t/ftp, OMA-DM. High performance architecture supporting modems/routers (xDSL, Cable, WiMAX, 3G, LTE), STBs, xPON/FTTx/ETTx, VoIP terminals and Femtocells helps to improve operational processes & reduce costs through auto-configuration, mass operations, remote diagnostics & troubleshooting, advanced monitoring and QoE.

AVSystem’s portfolio includes Unified Device Management Platform (Next-Generation ACS), Coiote (IoT Platform for M2M Device Management, Orchestration and Monitoring), libCWMP (Embedded CWMP Library for Device Manufacturers), TEC (Specialized Middleware for OpenWRT-based Devices), QXperience (QoE Monitoring & Proactive Testing), SmasH (Smart Home & Android-based Secure Mobile Self-Management System), Smart Metering, Linkyfi (WiFi Access Management & Marketing Platform) and AVSystem AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting System). Read more on

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