AVSystem Releases a new Solution for Unified Management of Business Routers in UMP

Products & Solutions 26 November 2019

AVSystem is glad to announce the release of a new solution for managing Business Routers via Unified Management Platform (UMP). The solution will introduce a unified way to provision and configure enterprise-oriented routers from vendors such as Cisco, Mikrotik and Juniper.

Delivering Internet access to home consumers and delivering enterprise and  carrier-grade Internet services are two different things. The difference is present already in the networking devices. Business routers differ greatly from customer routers. From better quality and wider variety of the offered features (VLAN, VRF), to the ability to handle higher loads (load-balancing), to customer service with enhanced security (traffic filtering, SLA, AAA) and higher uptime reliability (failover/backup mechanisms, FHRP).

From the device management perspective, there is no one standard that would enable a unified configuration of enterprise-oriented devices (with NETCONF/YANG not being widely adopted yet), and so carrier-grade routers are configured and managed through the use of Command-Line Interface (CLI) and SNMP (used primarily for notifications and alerts). Advanced feature-set and straightforward management protocol mean that in order to provide enterprise SLA guarantees telcos and businesses need to have highly qualified, vendor-certified employees. Although some vendors provide dedicated tools for their carrier-grade router management, they’re often unfeasible to use by telcos offering multi-vendor solutions. This is why enterprise-router management is often performed manually, which is not only insecure and prone to errors, but it also significantly slows down the enterprise customer adoption.

AVSystem’s new solution for the management of business routers solves this problem by offering dedicated graphical (GUI) panels for features available in CLI (SSH/Telnet) management covering the most essential feature-set of several leading enterprise routers vendors such as Cisco, Mikrotik and Juniper. With just a few mouse clicks, a user can perform complex configuration of routers from multiple vendors in a unified way. The configuration can be easily done either per-device or using powerful UMP grouping mechanism. The GUI panels can be fully customized with no system downtime. The solution was designed with firmware upgrades in mind, which means that even after potential backward-incompatible upgrades the panels along with the underlying logic can be adapted in a matter of hours. Similarly, new features can be added to provide the fastest time to market possible.

AVSystem’s Business Routers solution not only solves the problem of manual configuration of carrier-grade routers from multiple vendors requiring highly-trained staff, but also allows the operators to receive insightful monitoring alerts about their transfer-layer SLA fulfillment, out-of-service interfaces and router hardware issues, improving telecom/business capability to efficiently deliver higher SLA and security standards – a core element of their offer for growing enterprise customer base.

The best thing about introducing support for business routers in UMP is that it comes with ready-to-use GUI for features available in CLI which not only makes the configuration faster but also much easier. New users are quickly brought to speed thanks to our easy-to-understand and complete documentation. The user can access any type of business router and check how to add or delete any type of configuration the router has at its disposal, along with proper data validation and error messages directly in the GUI. The process is really simple and our documentation guides the user step-by-step. This allows service providers to quickly configure their routers any time they want, and reduces the need for extensive staff training and the time spent on manual labor. I believe that our Business Routers solution allows telcos and businesses to deliver competitive advantage which is much needed on the active enterprise-oriented market – says Łukasz Pożarlik, product owner at AVSystem.

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