AVSystem Coiote among winners of the Broadband World Forum Awards in the area of Internet of Things

awards 26 October 2016

London, UK – 26 September – AVSystem Coiote was titled ‘Highly commended solution’ in the category ‘Best Innovation for Internet of Things’ during Broadband Awards 2016 Gala.

Being titled ‘Highly commended’ during a prestigious Awards Gala held annually by Broadband World Forum, undoubtedly confirms the AVSystem Coiote to be a first-class solution in the area of Internet of Things. One year after its announcement during Broadband World Forum 2015, Coiote is already recognized as a fully reliable and top-notch platform for IoT device orchestration and monitoring and shows large prevalence over other similar IoT solutions. This is mostly thanks to AVSystem’s technical expertise and a decade of experience in the challenging Telco market. Being deployed already in several countries, the Coiote platform powers up assets and devices through utilization of an extremely flexible protocol hub and service orchestration engine. Upcoming standards like LWM2M from OMA are natively supported, making the solution ready even for most demanding requirements of Internet of Things applications.

Being awarded in the category ‘Best Innovation for Internet of Things for 2016’ marks a true milestone for AVSystem and their work in the IoT environment.

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