Leading supplier of software platform for Femtocell devices decides to use TR-069 client stack from AVSystem

Customers & Partners 29 December 2009

Node-H, the German company specializing in providing ultra efficient software for Femtocell market selected the Libcwmp TR-069 library from AVSystem. According to the decision maker in Node-H:

It is easy to use and very stable. I would say it is easier to integrate than the main competition.

AVSystem embedded product is currently the smallest TR-069 library for embedded devices with support of any TR-xxx data models (like TR-098, TR-104, TR-106, TR-135, TR-142, TR-111, TR-196). Customer is able to select data models he is going to use and modify it later on its own. Stack is brilliant design makes it well prepared for developing client program in multi thread environment as well as the single thread solution. For more information email us at sales@avsystem.com

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