AVSystem to Release a New Solution Based on the Coiote IoT Application Enablement

Products & Solutions 24 February 2020

AVSystem is proud to announce the release of a new solution that brings to life the concept of a smart factory. The solution combines extensive monitoring and data collection capabilities of the Coiote IoT Application Enablement platform with BLE technology.

Factories of the future will bring real benefits in various areas of the company's operation, not only related to the production itself. The intelligent factory will allow for better use of assets and reducing downtime, which will translate into increased productivity. This as well as increased employee safety is made possible with the use of AVSystem’s Smart Factory use case.

The solution is based mainly on the Coiote IoT Data Orchestration platform and BLE gateway network deployed in the factory. Coiote IoT Data Orchestration collects data transmitted by sensors via Bluetooth Low Energy gateways from many different sources such as production halls or single workstations. This allows supervisors to locate both people and tools and track their status along with the conditions of their surrounding environment. In case of an emergency, every worker can also fall back on panic buttons that they carry with themselves, to immediately notify supervisors about danger.

A large number of hazardous tools and devices as well as monotonous and repetitive movements of factory workers can easily result in injuries. Worth mentioning are also possible faintings, falls and many more dangerous situations that can occur during work in a hazardous workplace. This is why furnishing a factory with a network of sensors and being able to analyze and visualize connected data in real time with the use of the Coiote IoT Data Orchestration platform is so important to increase employee safety – says Tomasz Mazan, Product Manager at AVSystem.

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