AVSystem Releases State-of-the-art WiFi Solution in UMP

Products & Solutions 04 March 2020

AVSystem is glad to announce the release of a new WiFi experience solution via Unified Management Platform (UMP).

The UMP WiFi Optimization solution is a flagship UMP monitoring module aimed at improving customer WiFi experience. It offers crucial insight into the end-user’s home WiFi performance over time and features an algorithm that accurately chooses the best WiFi channel based on a whole population of routers managed by the platform instead of industry-standard single device algorithm.

In the era of competition for customers, Service Providers constantly innovate their infrastructure, bandwidth and OTT (Over The Top) services. However, poor WiFi experience may not predispose a customer to happily pay any additional charges for Internet access or OTT services. To solve this problem, AVSystem came up with the idea of the UMP WiFi Optimization solution, so that you can always provide the best services for your customers.

The main problems that UMP WiFi Optimization addresses include:

  • overpopulation of the most popular WiFi band (WiFi 2.4 GHz),
  • existing auto-channel algorithms deficiency (lack of information about neighboring routers configuration),
  • lack of fully-fledged WiFi experience solutions for the customer care center.

UMP WiFi Optimization features many innovative solutions such as visualizing WiFi experience with Key Performance Indicators, a state-of-the-art data streaming engine with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as well as immediate repair actions thanks to the UMP Smart Workflows integration, and more.

With OTT services providers consuming a huge chunk of the telecom’s market share, telcos need to upgrade their technology to provide services that are at par with OTT. We at AVSystem believe that the best way to improve IT infrastructure is to start with the already existing technology – this includes WiFi experience management. Thinking from a customer’s perspective will enable them to provide superior customer experience and efficiently monetize all data that streams over their network – says Łukasz Pożarlik, Product Manager at AVSystem.

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