Spanish MásMovil chooses AVSystem’s Unified Device Management Platform for their FTTH services

Krakow, Poland - 12 May 2016 - The AVSystem Unified Device Management Platform has been selected by one of the top Spanish operators – MásMovil – to provide end-to-end management and monitoring of their FTTH and DSL networks.

In this project, AVSystem has delivered a brand new FTTH network activation suite made of three components:

Unified Device Management Platform for configuration, management and monitoring of ONT user equipment over TR-069 protocol and OLT core network equipment over SSH and SNMP

AVSystem DHCP – scalable architecture capable of handling hundreds of thousands clients connected with flexible IP pools management and conditional workflows

AVSystem AAA – new generation of core network equipment

With those 3 systems, AVSystem was able to setup an end-to-end service activation scenario for MásMovil ensuring that the solution will scale up properly along with the future growth of MásMovil’s customer base.

The main motive for choosing the UMP as the best platform for network management was the comprehensive approach of the system to overall management and monitoring of heterogeneous networks.

With Zero Touch provisioning being one of the UMP’s basic functions, in MásMovil´s case, the Zero Touch scenario included usage of DHCP option 82 managed by AVSystem’s robust DHCP server to identify OLT ports and assign proper services for FTTH.

As for the xDSL network, the Zero Touch scenario was possible thanks to the integration between the UMP and AAA platform done according to MásMovil’s request. This will enable Customer Care to track the service activation state and accounting packets as well as effortlessly perform troubleshooting workflows.

In addition to integration with CPEs, the multi-protocol capabilities of UMP are used to manage core equipment for the entire Fiber network made up of ZTE OLTs. This includes configuring profiles and enabling core side monitoring.

The AVSystem FTTH Service Activation Suite deployed for MásMovil is an excellent example of an umbrella solution providing management, provisioning & monitoring (for both customer and core equipment), DHCP and AAA services for a heterogeneous network.

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