Theben choses AVSystem’s Device Management solutions for their Smart Metering Gateways

Customers & Partners 25 November 2022

Theben, one of the major producers of Smart Meter Gateways for the digital Energy Transition in Germany, chosed the AVSystem's Device Management solution for their CONEXA 3.0. With this partnership, Thebens’ Gateway will be enabled to provide Lightweight Machine to Machine device management capabilities. 

Theben has teamed up with AVSystem to deliver a top solution for the German Smart Meter Rollout. Their core product the ONEXA 3.0 is a Smart Meter Gateway, that, shall deliver market-required LwM2M functionalities, offering the best-in-class Device Life-Cycle Management capabilities. SMGWs, a vital component of the Smart Metering architecture in Germany, must be delivered to the highest standards - both on the hardware as well software side. Therefore, top of the game in their respective fields, both companies decided to join forces to not only fulfil required and mandatory features but on top of new and anticipatory devices performance. 

“The German Energy Market, especially the Digitization focused on Energy Transition and Smart Metering solutions, is under dynamic development and is put under sophisticated requirements as well big quality pressure. Millions of smart meter devices will be delivered and deployed in coming years, and these have to characterize high data acquisition quality and operational efficiency. Having that in mind and based on market consultancies we have decided to choose LwM2M as the device management protocol and AVSystem as our partner in LwM2M solution expertise.

AVSystem has proved already to be a solid and reliable partner delivering not only best-in-class Device Management solutions but most of all characterised by work ethic, problem-solver driven and far-reaching support", says Tina Hadler, Head of Sales Smart Energy, Theben.

"Attentive coexistence of human, environment and technology", AVSystem's approach expressed in this maxim, is deeply appreciated by both companies. The unique combination of over 100 years of history in building automation, an incredible drive for new technologies and the highest quality products made Theben an exciting partner to AVSystem, where those qualities are highly valued. Taking a part in the Smart Meter Rollout in Germany is a fantastic challenge for us. Being selected by Theben proves that IoT Business strategy and product quality are correct and bring to us but most of all to our customers and partners measurable benefits, says Artur Wrobel, Global Sales Director, IoT.

Recent developments, powered by tough international conditions, caused the German smart grid and smart metering rollout to be progressing faster than ever. The integration of Renewables, Controllable devices and e-Mobility are critical to energy infrastructures. The Smart Meter Gateway is central to these developments and is the key to interoperability in the field. By 2030 it is estimated that 15 million SMGWs will be in deployment.

Implementation of AVSystem's Anjay SDK, a LwM2M client, is the first step in future cooperation between both companies. 

About Theben:

Theben is a global leading manufacturer for premium goods in building automation and precision metering. With more than 800 employees worldwide Theben covers the whole value chain from research, development to production. An annual R&D quote of approx. 10% of the revenue helps Theben to continously drive innovation. Given that, the competence in the smart metering environment could develop and grow over more than 10 years now. Theben Smart Energy evolved as a major player in the smart meter rollout in Germany and offers with their CONEXA 3.0 and the compatible controlling devices a robust and modular Hardware portfolio for a successful digital energy transition. The vision of Theben Smart Energy is the buildup of a communication platform that connects the involved roles needed to lever the potential of value added services in the digitization of the energy supply system.


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