TR-069 Telecom Software Internship at AVSystem: Special Report

Business 17 September 2012

Internships at AVSystem gather most talented computer science students in Poland, giving them the opportunity to develop practical, market-oriented abilities to write cutting-edge telecom software.

September 17, 2012 – AVSystem has always focused on supporting young, talented people in their pursuit for professional development. The company keeps very strong affiliations with AGH University of Science and Technology, one of the best technical universities in Poland, located in the old yet innovative city of Kraków. This creates a natural cluster integrating science and business. Students take internships in the software house to actualize their academic experience in a market-oriented environment. Afterwards, they often decide to continue the projects they took up in AVSystem as parts of their studies, which eventually leads to combining learning and working part-time.

The company eagerly employs young, creative developers and engineers, offering them great prospects for career development in a flat, non-corporate structure and an extremely creative working environment. Interns and newcomers always benefit from a great working atmosphere, including incomparable teamwork opportunities. Excellent communication of ideas, mutual motivation and control make it easy to learn from each other – especially from more experienced developers, without a typical hierarchical approach. You can find more information about current career opportunities.

This year AVSystem recruited interns to take part in a cutting-edge TR-069 telecom software project. The details are yet to be revealed.

“The internship at AVSystem is a great opportunity to exchange views about programming for modern telecommunication business”, says Paweł Suder, intern at AVSystem’s R&D Department. “What’s more, it allows insight in the functioning of a practical system for telecom business. The experience will help my career a great deal. Last but not least, I can develop my interests, work in a casual atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing lunch break.”
“The most important thing for me is the possibility to participate in a new, cutting-edge project”, says Jarosław Janik, Paweł’s colleague, student of computer science at AGH University. “The internship keeps me in touch with present market needs. It’s also a chance for me to come up with my own ideas and instantly consult them. It’s much better than maintaining or restoring some old project which is often a task for interns. Thank you, AVSystem!”

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