AVSystem Launches WiFi Service Assurance System: Introducing Customer Experience Management Platform

Executive Summary

AVSystem, a leading European telco device management software provider, is launching the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform. Designed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the platform enhances customer care and network operations with advanced features like Single Device Dashboards, Population Overview, Mesh Map, Speed Tests, Smart WiFi, and more. The system has been deployed for multiple clients, including a tier-1 Southeast Asian CSP, and proved to significantly reduce the time and amount of interventions, and enhance customer retention.


AVSystem proudly announces the launch of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform - a WiFi service assurance software for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The product is an outcome of nearly two decades of global collaboration with telecoms of different sizes. Designed mainly for network operators and customer care teams, this platform optimizes both customer WiFi experience and access layer performance. Already tested and validated by leading global telecoms, the CEM Platform has demonstrated its ability to enhance operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction, to ultimately reduce churn.

Managing Modern WiFi Challenges

Telecommunications companies face a critical challenge as customer expectations for seamless connectivity often clash with frequent WiFi issues. Grzegorz Kozłowski, CSP Product Director at AVSystem, explains, "Customers, occupied by daily tasks, frequently overlook reporting WiFi disruptions, which inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and churn." The root cause of those disruptions often lies within the crucial last 10 meters of connectivity - an area out of reach for many CSPs. Even if the WAN side service is performing well, the WiFi experience on the LAN side may be different, and for customers, that's the measure of the provider's service.

The CEM Platform directly addresses these challenges with proactive management tools designed to enhance the in-home WiFi experience. Most CSPs suffer from fragmented data and limited service insight, leading to reactive rather than proactive customer service. By integrating advanced diagnostics and optimization capabilities, AVSystem's CEM Platform ensures foolproof service delivery, significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

CEM Platform Features

AVSystem's CEM Platform integrates state-of-the-art features to provide a comprehensive view of both the access layer and WiFI/LAN experience, revolutionizing how issues are managed before escalating into customer complaints. Key features include:

  • Single device dashboards - AI-based scores and recommendations for 1st line Customer Care agents
  • Population overview - Fault and performance management for 2nd/3rd line Customer Care agents
  • Intervention analytics - Detailed intervention reporting for Customer Care managers
  • Mesh map - LAN layout and WiFi experience visualization
  • Speed tests - TR-143/TR-471 compliant speed tests and Ookla integration
  • Smart WiFi - Tackling crowded environments through channel congestion reduction and WiFi configuration management
  • Self-management - Tools for end-customers to resolve issues independently
  • End-to-End Service Assurance - Last-mile insights related to the access layer (FTTx, FWA, HFC)

CEM Platform Differentiators

The CEM platform is unique compared to popular agent-based solutions in several ways. Firstly, it is built on open standards such as TR-069 and TR-369, which provides full support for all access technologies and CPEs, without vendor lock-in. Secondly, it offers a holistic network overview that combines WiFi experience monitoring with access layer performance. Advanced diagnostics and data-driven insights enable proactive management and troubleshooting of network issues, enhance decision-making, and identify service improvements and upselling opportunities. Lastly, the platform is scalable, ensuring that it remains effective regardless of customer base size or technological advancement.

The implementation of the system and onboarding of CPEs is relatively simple and fast, thanks to the absence of additional agents on the CPEs. As a result, the CEM platform can quickly meet operational needs, improve operations, and lay the foundation for future enhancements, such as new staff, devices, or procedures.

Upcoming CEM Platform Roadmap

AVSystem is committed to continuously enhancing the CEM Platform, focusing on advanced KPIs and integrating machine learning algorithms to predict network health and customer needs more accurately. The upcoming roadmap includes sophisticated metrics such as latency measurements on WAN and WiFi, an overall WiFi score combining normalized signal quality and channel rankings, and a comprehensive health score based on various real-time diagnostics.

"CEM features we’re developing right now are designed to improve network management and customer experience immensely. By integrating machine learning, we aim to transform raw data into predictive insights, enabling CSPs to eliminate WiFi disturbances and enhance service quality” - states Tomasz Legutko, Principal Solutions Architect.

About AVSystem

AVSystem was founded in 2006 with a focus on providing automation solutions for connected device ecosystems. Although the company started by serving the telecommunications industry, it has since expanded its services to various sectors in over 60 countries. Catering local internet service providers as well as multinational telco operators and enterprises, we develop top-notch solutions dedicated to telecommunications, WiFi VAS, and the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Our goal is to create flexible and dynamic technology based on open standards accessible to everyone. We not only follow the newest trends but also co-create them with other IT industry pioneers by actively participating in organizations such as the Broadband Forum.

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