AVSystem AAA

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

AVSystem AAA is a carrier grade solution for Telcos’ core network departments. It helps service providers authorize and bill their clients.


Advanced customization

AVSystem AAA allows for advanced customization. No matter what types of devices and systems are utilized in your network, you can easily communicate with them and implement all the functionalities that your business needs.

Fully-scripted configuration

The system gives you full flexibility in creating your own structures and use cases internally. Our experienced technical team can also craft a tailor-made complex configuration for your business. A fully flexible configuration model enables you to entirely include all existing business flows.

Hot swapped configuration updates

All changes can be applied while the system is up and running. This allows you to avoid system down-times.

Active-Active architecture

AVSystem AAA can be distributed in a multi-node environment. Active-Active architecture makes it easily scalable for large networks and provides an excellent degree of redundancy.

Integration between multiple systems

The system enables exporting additional data (such us IP address, accounting and user details or technical parameters) to various systems in the operator’s network. The exported data can then be utilized by other systems and services for both business and technical purposes.

Support for WPA2-Enterprise networks

Advanced user authentication and an increased network encryption level can make AVSystem AAA a key part of the security system of your enterprise or corporate WiFi infrastructure.


Automate AAA configuration

Automate user verification and billing to minimize the amount of time normally spent on AAA Configuration. Make sure that all the services are delivered to the right users and are fully paid for. Have full control over the clients’ access to certain services and gather all the necessary accounting data.

Increase your network’s safety

Benefit from a solution which is not only fully functional but also stable and dependable. The key point is to maximize the safety of your network’s performance. The pipeline-driven business processes’ configuration of AVSystem AAA enables seamless integration with multiple systems, automated resource accounting and tracking in order to prevent fraud and unauthorized service access.

Integrate smoothly and efficiently

The pipeline-driven configuration aids in defining full, cross-system business processes. A dynamic configuration of AVSystem AAA is designed to enable straightforward technical implementation of such business processes at the same time allowing for all the needed flexibility for particular deployments.


RADIUS support RADIUS protocol authentication and accounting (RFC 2865, RFC 2866): PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP2 authentication
RFC support RFC 4675, RFC 5447, RFC 5580, RFC 5904, RFC 6572, RFC 6677, RFC 4849, RFC 4005, RFC 3162, RFC 6929, RFC 6911, RFC 6930, RFC 5090, RFC 4818
Connectors LDAP connectors, logging connectors for MongoDB, CSV(CDR); carbon-copy packet forwarding;
Technology Java 8 JVM application
Backend data base MongoDB
Pipeline definition engine Processing configuration using Scala programming language; Scala-based expression language in default processing pipeline
Node architecture In-Built Multi-Master Active-Active architecture
High availability Through Multi-Master architecture
Logging support Logback engine
Vendor specific attributes support Flexibly configured dictionaries, in built configuration for Aruba, Huawei, Microsoft (RFC 2548), MikroTik, Motorola, Redback, Ruckus and Broadband Forum and others
Available modules Internal Data Storage, RADIUS Authenticator, LDAP Connector, SQL Connector, IP Assigner, IP Tracker, Diameter Authenticator, PAP/CHAP, EAP, Charging Meditation and more
Supported environments DSL/FTTx fixed networks; VoIP , Wireless LTE/WiMAX, WPA2 WiFi environments and others

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