Get a secure way of provisioning your devices, upgrading their firmware over-the-air (FOTA) and identifying operational issues.

Settle on a platform that will grow with your needs
Settle on a platform that will grow with your needs

The Internet of Things is growing every day and so are your projects. This is why our IoT device management platform was designed to be highly scalable. We are ready for you to expand, so you can rest assured your project is future-proof thanks to the following features:

  • demonstrated scalability through UDP load balancing and auto-scaling;

  • flexible grouping features and advanced multitenancy settings;

  • proven interoperability ensured by industry-trusted protocol;

  • fail-safe high availability architecture;

  • automatic workflow engine that executes built-in and custom tasks, either scheduled or triggered by event;

  • pay-as-you-grow plan, where your fee depends on the number of connected devices.

Take your operations to the next level

Coiote IoT Device Management is the perfect solution for operations teams, as it provides a breadth of insightful data and enables them to resolve any issues on the spot. Register now for a 14-day cloud trial to find out for yourself.

Leverage powerful cloud services
Leverage powerful cloud services

Combine Coiote IoT Device Management with Azure and AWS clouds to efficiently manage devices that communicate over low-power wide area networks via the Lightweight M2M standard.

Prevent issues through advanced device monitoring
Prevent issues through advanced device monitoring

Make sure that your deployment is secure and you are ready to act whenever any issues occur. Process alerts raised by your devices through remote monitoring and anomaly detection mechanisms and then pass the obtained data to application platforms for predictive maintenance.

Speed up processes with bulk management
Speed up processes with bulk management

Make device management more efficient and cost-effective with the Coiote IoT Device Management platform’s mass management features. Easily manage various device pools and run operations on entire groups thanks to flexible grouping settings which allow devices to belong to different groups.

Invest in interoperability
Invest in interoperability

Succeed in the IoT industry by using the Lightweight M2M standard, created by OMA SpecWorks, designed for device management, telemetry and service enablement. Ensure security and interoperability with LwM2M thanks to its multiple transport protocols and well-defined data model.

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Our internal evaluation showed beyond doubt that LwM2M is a future-proof standard worth adopting. Moreover, during vendor selection process, AVSystem demonstrated best-of-breed product that’s ready to use thanks to its strong device auto-discovery features.

Lucas Moulin
Program and Solution Director at Traxens

Go for the cloud and rest safe

Apart from on-premise installation, our IoT device management platform can be virtualized and deployed in a public or private cloud infrastructure of choice.


Out-of-the-box platform availability without the necessity for on-site installations.


Major cost-savings on hardware, no need for server infrastructure management.


Global availability of cloud servers for new, remote deployments.


Rapid scalability of the cloud that will not hamper your growth.


Advanced security on interface level, protocol level (TLS/DTLS), data in transit and network architecture.

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