Manage your IoT devices with the market-leading LwM2M server
Manage your IoT devices with the market-leading LwM2M server

IoT comes with various types of devices – resource-constrained sensors and actuators or powerful M2M gateways. It can be daunting to connect and manage them all efficiently, unless you have a proper device management system.

Working with our LwM2M server

With the built-in auto-discovery feature, our IoT platform can seamlessly detect any device and ensure a smooth provisioning process. It also provides efficient device management functionalities as well as telemetry data handling.


Thanks to the plug-and-play LwM2M server solution, you greatly speed up your deployment and reduce time to market of your IoT project. The platform’s advanced device management and telemetry features ensure that controlling your devices is easier than ever and provide you with insights that can drive new business endeavors.

Grow your business with powerful auto-scaling capabilities
Grow your business with powerful auto-scaling capabilities

Performing operations on multiple devices is not easy. Especially if you count your IoT devices in the thousands (or millions!). And even if your project does not involve so many devices yet, it might be just a matter of time until it does. What’s more, incorporating a new system to your network often comes with various integration problems.

Working with our LwM2M server

Thanks to auto-scaling features, Coiote IoT Device Management makes it possible for you to define your own groups of devices and perform actions on a massive scale. Furthermore, future-proof architecture with powerful REST APIs lets you easily integrate the LwM2M server with other systems.


We save you time on device maintenance and management and let your business safely grow at any pace you want to any size you want. You are also guaranteed a quick integration process with other systems that your business depends on.

Never worry again about the security of your IoT investment
Never worry again about the security of your IoT investment

While security is definitely invaluable, it sometimes goes overlooked, especially in a rapidly evolving IoT environment. Making sure that your IoT project is safe from bad actor threats and your customer data is well protected should be a number one priority.

Working with our LwM2M server

One of the essential LwM2M server capabilities are advanced security mechanisms on the protocol level provided via the DTLS or TLS protocol. We also offer advanced multi-tenancy management features with data access protection and best access policies.


Thanks to the use of the Lightweight M2M protocol, you are given the best security practices ensuring data encryption, device authentication and confidentiality. What’s more, the multi-tenancy mechanism lets you safely offer one application to all your customers, greatly reducing costs of your investment.

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Create your IoT solution no matter the use case


With the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, you get one protocol for any type of deployment, be it on-premise or in the cloud.


With IPSO Smart Objects, the LwM2M standard can quickly be tailored to answer the needs of any industry and ensure a successful application of your business operations.


Are you a professional developer who wants to test our platform? Check out our free developer version of Coiote IoT DM in the cloud.

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