TEC is a full-featured, ready-to-deploy remote management
client for home gateways.


management efforts

Adding TEC to your product will instantly give it support for CWMP (TR-069), an industry standard remote management and monitoring protocol, which is increasingly required by service providers worldwide. You will also get valuable management and diagnostic capabilities ‒ without the need to write any code by yourself.


Your product will work with any service provider network, regardless of whatever management platform they are using. Our software guarantees interoperability with any standards-compliant ACS on the market.

Rely on
our support

TEC provides a firm base for basic OpenWrt-based devices, but if you need any features tailored specifically for your product ‒ our skilled and experienced engineers are happy to help you.

testing process

Access a dedicated installation of our ACS server (→UMP) to quickly and reliably test your management interface in the same way that your customers will.


Complete management for your device

The data model exposed by TEC allows to configure all features provided by a standard home gateway, including both WAN and LAN network interfaces, wireless networking, routing, bridging, and even more advanced options such as firewall. It also allows for effortless remote firmware upgrade.

Standard compliance on both ends

TEC offers a high quality, fully compliant implementation of CWMP and a standard, well-supported data model. At the same time, it stores the configuration according to conventions used in OpenWrt, allowing for easy integration with other configuration facilities (e.g. device's web interface).

Advanced monitoring and diagnostics

Devices running TEC can instantly be used as versatile monitoring probes, offering many standard diagnostic profiles defined in Broadband Forum documents, and custom monitoring options, from detailed network statistics, to advanced wireless environment imaging.

Robust reliability and security

The code base is both tested for stability and includes fault tolerance features. Interoperating with industry standard SSL/TLS libraries, TEC also offers complete support for best practices in secure communications.

TEC is a complete, self-contained remote management client for the OpenWrt platform.
It builds upon →libCWMP, another product of ours, which is a library that implements the core protocol ‒ you're welcome to check it out too, and see which of our products better suits your needs.

Perfect fit for other AVSystem products

All of TEC's unique features are well supported on our →UMP server, allowing for quick deployment of an entire end-to- end installation. We also offer a version of TEC with features that enable its usage as an access point for the →Linkyfi platform.


Management protocol CWMP 1.4, as specified in TR-069 Amendment 5
Data model

Two versions available:

  • InternetGatewayDevice:1.10 (TR-098)
  • Device:2.4 (TR-181 Issue 2)
Pre-implemented support Ethernet, WiFi (mac80211 driver) and LTE connections
Connection request mechanisms implemented HTTP, UDP/STUN, XMPP
Pre-implemented diagnostic profiles Download:1, DownloadTCP:1, IPPing:1, NSLookupDiag:1, TraceRoute:1, UDPEcho:1, UDPEchoPlus:1, Upload:1, UploadTCP:1
Advanced custom monitoring capabilities LAN-side per-host stats, WiFi neighbourhood scanning
Supported file transfer protocols HTTP(S), FTP


OpenWrt platform Version 12.09 (Attitude Adjustment) or newer
Toolchain GCC 4.6 or newer
Binary size About 2.3 MiB (uncompressed) / about 800 KiB (compressed)
Total physical RAM on the device At least 32 MiB
Shared library dependencies Libstdc++; OpenSSL for TLS support

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