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Cloud ACS is a comprehensive auto configuration server based on TR-069 protocol that local telcos and internet service providers use for remote provisioning and management of their devices. The platform operates in a software as a service (SaaS) model. This means that for a competitive monthly fee, the operators get full access to a market-leading device management platform without the inconveniences of an on-site installation. Among other things, this eliminates the cost of server maintenance and reduces the deployment time.

What can Cloud ACS do for you as a vendor or integrator?

The benefits listed above seem to be all aimed at telcos and internet service providers. So why do so many device vendors and integrators partner with AVSystem to deliver our software to their clients? Learn how you, as a vendor or an integrator, can benefit from this partnership.

Broaden your portfolio

The first obvious benefit for vendors and integrators is that by introducing Cloud ACS in your offer you can broaden your product portfolio with minimum effort for maximum reward. By bundling your devices with our device management platform, you create a comprehensive offer for the client. And this comes at no extra cost to you – you bring in the client, we deliver superior-quality software, handle the deployment, and later also customer support.

Grow your sales potential

It comes without saying that a broader portfolio equals better sales potential for your company. Partnering with AVSystem gives you an upper hand over competitors that only offer hardware, without the complementing software that we provide. This puts you in a better negotiating position with your clients, as they don’t need to look anywhere else for the solutions they want.

Be a part of the community
Be a part of the community

At AVSystem clients and partners are central to our core values. This is why our team fosters a close community of businesses with similar needs. We organize regular webinars for customers that help them get the best out of our platform, and provide continuous support and consultation. Most importantly, we listen to their needs and use their feedback to make our platform even better by developing requested features. The same goes for our partners – the direct relations we develop with vendors help us create vendor-specific solutions that they need.

Build lasting customer relations

It often happens that local telecoms and internet service providers buy devices ahead, in bulk, and only come back to their vendors or integrators when they need more. Or they don’t. As you have no pretext to keep them close in the meantime, you also have no way of knowing if they found an alternative offer and moved on to a different vendor. But if the customers buy software as a service from you, they also make regular payments and come to you for support, so you have a way of keeping in touch. You can use this opportunity to check up with them regularly and build stronger, more lasting relationships.

Build lasting customer relations
Tailor your offer to customer needs

Perhaps your client doesn’t need a complete device management platform. But they may still be interested in some software solutions, such as easy zero-touch provisioning which allows for remote device onboarding, or mass device upgrades. And that’s fine, too! You can sell only selected services, as well. This is how we have partnered with D-Link in Australia and New Zealand. With the continuing growth of the managed services trend, easy and contactless device provisioning can be the make-or-break of your offer.

Listen out for trends

When you are both a part of our community and close to your customers, it makes growing your business easier. You get direct and easy access to information about what your customers need, what their pain points are, and how they would like to go forward, which can influence your business roadmap for the future, just as it does ours.

Discover untapped potential

While Cloud ACS was developed for telcos and internet service providers, it is also a perfect product for vendors and integrators. Choosing to partner with AVSystem opens unmatched opportunities for the growth of your business. Including our platform in your portfolio will help you:

Build a stronger offer

Attract a broader range of clients

Create more meaningful business relationships

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