Let us solve your device management challenges

    Device Management Statistics
    • Challenge

      Spending a lot of time and resources on coordinating multiple vendors to integrate your devices and systems in multiple ways, high costs of implementing any changes and onboarding your team into a complex multi-step manual service provisioning process.

    • Working with ACS

      Our team handles integration of all your device types and their provisioning logic in the platform, customizes the graphical interfaces to your needs, integrates with your external systems and trains your customer care team.

    • Benefits

      You get zero-touch provisioning, optimized customer support, enhanced customer experience and the freedom to fully focus on your revenue-generators.

Technical excellence in automated expertise

    Device Management Smart Workflows
    • Challenge

      When a customer calls about a service issue, it’s a long and costly process to engage your technical experts to solve it. Lack of appropriate tooling drastically reduces not only the experience of the customer that is calling, but also the experience of all the other affected customers who won’t even let you know about the issue.

    • Working with ACS

      The platform provides technology-agnostic management while giving technology-specific insight — i.e. if you have a fixed-wireless LTE, you want to be alerted immediately if any eNodeB is down or periodically report on customers KPIs for RSRP/RSRQ/SINR signal characteristics.

    • Benefits

      The Customer Support operator needs just one click to execute a set of specialized diagnostics and a second click to set up a suggested repair action. Ensuring a high quality of customer experience with ACS is that simple.

Highest standard of security

    Device Management Security
    • Challenge

      Making sure your customer data is stored safely and you can rely on the platform critical to your operations to have zero downtime so that you can deliver your SLA guarantees to your high-profile customers.

    • Working with ACS

      We offer on-premises installation in the security of your network, regularly passed security audits, TLS/SSL on all system entry-points and data redundancy.

    • Benefits

      You get SLA guaranteed high availability with 24/7 premium support and your installation is automatically and manually tested before we upgrade your ACS each year.


  • Network Operation Center GUI


    View dedicated for the needs of a telco operations/network department.

  • Customer Care GUI Us

    Customer Care GUI

    User-friendly interface for the customer care/customer support teams.

  • Mobile Self Management

    Self Management GUI

    Dedicated solution for end-users and field engineers.

  • Northbound interface

    Northbound interface

    REST and SOAP API for automated integration.


Supported device classes
  • Residential gateways (xDSL, ETTx, FTTx, xPON, cable)
  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA: 5G, LTE, CBRS, 3G, WiMaX)
  • Business routers (Cisco, Mikrotik, Juniper)
  • STBs
  • VoIP terminals and IP phones
  • Femtocells
  • PLC
  • Smart home hubs
Supported management protocols
  • TR-069 (Amendment 6) - CWMP (CPE Wan Management Protocol)
  • TR-369 (USP)
  • SNMP (1, 2c, 3)
  • USP (1.0)
  • CLI (with build in CLI parsers for supported devices)
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • DOCSIS (1, 2, 3.0 ,3.1)
  • Config file
  • HTTP(S)
  • FTP
  • TFTP
Discovery of new devicesSeamless and fully automatic for CWMP, USP, DOCSIS and Config File (system adds device and detects its capabilities). For CLI - pre registration required.
Monitoring plugins
  • Access Network Monitoring (Latency, WiMAX BTS,DSL, LTE, LTE BTS, WiMAX, DSLAM, HFC)
  • Service Monitoring (SLA Fulfilment, Data, NetFlow, IPTV, Voice, FAP/Femtocell (3G and 4G), LAN, WiFi Security, Smart WiFi)
  • Generic (Inactive devices, Device log, Resource, Workflow monitoring), Custom monitoring
Graphical User InterfaceWeb based, configurable in runtime with internationalization support (EN, ES, IT, DE, FR, RU, JP, PL), ability to add more.
External system integrationsNorth-bound interface for communication with CRM/NMS/OSS/BSS or other external systems in push and pull models over SOAP or REST web services
Deployment and system requirements
  • Runs in a Java environment on Linux Servers based on
  • Bare Metal Hardware
  • Virtual machines / private cloud infrastructure (VMWare, oVirt, RHev or similar)
  • Kubernetes environments
  • Cloud Infrastructure (GCE, ECS, Alibaba-Cloud, OVH or similar)
  • Detailed hardware dimensioning is provided based on devices volume, business processes desired, monitoring frequency and other project requirements
  • Deployments are possible in both simple, redundant, highly-available, geo-redundant and disaster-recoverable models
  • Remote and On-Site Installation, Configuration and Commissioning services can be provided
  • Continuous maintenance, support and monitouring of production systems is provided remotely by a dedicated AVSystem Site Reliability Engineering Team
  • Optional: Support for multiple overlapping IPv4 networks
Clustering, high availability and load balancingIntegrated support for either hardware load balancer or LVS
Application monitoringJMX connector (e.g. Zabbix), SNMP Traps
Standards compliance
  • TR-069 (Amendment 6)
  • TR-157 (software module management)
  • TR-181-1 (Device:1.14 Root Object definition)
  • TR-181-2 (Device:2.12 Root Object definition)
  • TR-098 (InternetGatewayDevice:1.14 Root Object definition)
  • TR-143 (Network Performance Tests)
  • TR-196 (Femto Access Point Service Data Model)
  • TR-140 (StorageService: 1.3 Service Object definition)
  • TR-135 (STBService:1.4 Service Object definition)
  • TR-104-2 (VoiceService:2.0 Service Object definition)
  • TR-104-1 (VoiceService:1.1 Service Object definition)
  • TR-111 (Connection Request via NAT Gateway)
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