Introducing the free LwM2M Academy! Start Learning
Introducing the free LwM2M Academy! Start Learning

Make complex IoT easier at each step

  • Standardized security, telemetry data collection, firmware updates and device management operations with LwM2M protocol

  • Easy deployment of Anjay SDK to IoT projects with ready pre-integrations for hardware platforms

  • Simple connection with cloud data services

  • Free testing of connected devices with Coiote IoT Device Management Platform

  • Excellent technical support during device configuration and after deployment

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Anjay IoT SDK Overview
Anjay IoT SDK Overview

The Anjay IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) will help you build secure and efficient IoT solutions for low-power devices and networks. The LwM2M protocol speeds up the development process. Use standarized solutions covering security, data format, efficient communication, and lower power consumption to achieve interoperability and scalability. The SDK can be integrated with multiple hardware platforms, cloud providers, and third-party solutions, so you can connect a working IoT device within minutes.

  • Take the complexity out of development and deployment

  • Make the project usable and scalable in the future

  • Avoid costly and time-consuming communication protocol development and its integration with underlying hardware

  • Shorten the painful development processes of integrating chipsets with radio modules and cellular connectivity components

What do users say?

With Anjay, we were able to quickly and easily implement LwM2M connectivity for our Smart Gas Meter prototype. The AVSystem team's excellent support has exceeded our expectations, making them a valued partner in our development process.

Kenneth Sørensen

Software Developer, Flonidan

At IRNAS, we work mainly with Nordic and ZephyrRTOS, and we highly value the Anjay IoT SDK for its seamless compatibility with our preferred platforms. It has become an indispensable tool in our development process, enabling us to effortlessly integrate LwM2M functionalities into our projects.

Luka Banović

Product Developer, IRNAS

The AVSystem’s offer is outstanding in terms of flexibility, scalability, and excellent technical support. With Anjay LwM2M Client and Coiote IoT DM Platform, we achieved a fully managed ecosystem of devices deployed globally serving safety-critical applications.

Waleed Elmughrabi

Technical Director, Bulk Tainer Telematics Ltd.applications.

What can you do with Anjay IoT SDK?

After seamlessly building your LwM2M Client with Anjay IoT SDK you can develop an end-to-end IoT solution with the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform and manage key sensor and device operations:

Send telemetry data to the cloud

Push firmware and software updates easily and securely

Monitor devices and their performance remotely

Optimize power efficiency for low-power devices and networks

Ensure secure device provisioning

These Anjay IoT SDK features and the reliability of the LwM2M protocol enable you to scale up your IoT projects quickly and easily. Our customers did.

Implement Anjay IoT SDK easily with ready-made integrations

Building an IoT device requires you to take all aspects of the IoT solution layers into account. To make this easier, we have partnered with a range of technology providers to deliver comprehensive integrations so you can easily build a secure Client with our Anjay IoT SDK.

Integrations include:

  • popular hardware platforms,

  • embedded platforms,

  • various connectivity technologies,

  • cloud services providers,

  • secure elements.

Implement Anjay IoT SDK easily with ready-made integrations
 Speed up your work with development tools
Speed up your work with development tools

Our team of embedded developers understands your IoT development challenges and also develops useful features that facilitate your daily work. Such features include:

  • Hardware in the loop testing platform with CI/CD integrations

  • Rapid device prototyping framework for Linux & Raspberry Pi.

  • Factory device provisioning

  • LwM2M testing shell

Get technical support from embedded developers 

Design decisions during IoT device development significantly impact project success. To make informed choices, proper support is crucial. For continued smooth operation and desired outcomes, we offer three technical support options.

  • Developer - for those who need to check key features and see how they work

  • Standard - recommended for the prototyping/first deployment phase to get the most out of your features and build a reliable device with our help

  • Premium package - suggested when you want to manage a larger scale of devices or need quick responses when building your solutions

Get technical support from embedded developers - Anjay
Build your solution with us

At AVSystem, we offer comprehensive professional services for designing and developing IoT solutions using the LwM2M protocol. With our team of experienced engineers who specialize in IoT, we provide expert assistance in writing code and designing devices to meet your specific IoT requirements.

Code Development

Our skilled developers will write robust and scalable code tailored to your unique IoT solution. Following industry best practices and agile methodologies, we ensure timely delivery of high-quality code.

Device Design

We assist you in designing IoT devices that seamlessly integrate with the LWM2M protocol and align with your specific requirements. Our engineers optimize device performance, security, and reliability to deliver exceptional results.

LwM2M Protocol Implementation

With in-depth knowledge of the LwM2M protocol, we guide you through the implementation process. We establish secure communication channels, efficiently manage device resources, and enable effective device management and firmware updates.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our team conducts thorough testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure flawless operation of your IoT solution. We perform functional testing, security audits, and performance optimization to deliver a reliable and stable solution.

Try open-source Anjay IoT SDK for free and use commercial licence and add-ons later

Anjay IoT SDK is offered on the basis of an open-source licence. It can be applied to your hobbyist IoT projects for free on up to 100 000 devices. For customers using it for more than 100 000 devices or for commercial applications, the licence fee is 10 000 euro for each 100 000 devices.

You can also choose from a set of commercial add-ons that help you reduce your device development time and shorten the PoC phase.

Coiote IoT Device Management Platform

We also offer the LwM2M-standard based Coiote IoT Device Management Platform for building end-to-end IoT device management solutions. You can connect IoT devices to our software and test how they work for free by signing up for our Developer Plan.

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