• Microcontroller Debugging Stories – Software Vendor Perspective

    01 February 2019

    Most of us here at AVSystem write code that is executed either on powerful servers, or inside a web browser. However, we have a small but dedicated team of developers who use a very different set of programming languages and target devices with man...

  • LwM2M – Lightweight M2M Standard – Protocol and its Benefits

    17 January 2019

    Machine-to-machine communication is a concept that has been around since the very beginnings of electrical connectivity, with one of its first uses tracing back to 1845, when a simple data-transmission circuit enabled the tsar to go live and transmit...

  • IoT vs M2M – What is the Difference?

    16 January 2019

    It seems that recently there has been as much hype surrounding the IoT as there is confusion in differentiating it from the M2M technology. This short overview will tackle the popular misconceptions and pinpoint some pivotal differences between these...

  • Top 7 IoT Conferences to attend in 2019

    14 January 2019

    Looking into any kind of conference list for the year for the tech industry can be a daunting task. Believe me, I know. Even though a few years ago this wasn’t the case, in 2019 we’ve come to a point where even the sole topic of IoT has acquired its own fu...

  • CES 2019: Inspirations and Aspirations

    12 January 2019

    For those of us who look for inspirations and aspire to lead in technology innovations, CES never disappoints! 2019 is no exception. This year, CES brought out a dazzling array of mind-boggling electronics, gadgets, devices, autonomous vehicles, powered by...

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