Introducing the free LwM2M Academy! Start Learning
Introducing the free LwM2M Academy! Start Learning

Deploy comprehensive IoT device management from the start and scale it up easily

  • Build E2E IoT applications with LwM2M open standard within minutes

  • Use Coiote LwM2M Server to build IoT applications - from prototyping to managing IoT devices at scale

  • Take advantage of our proven technical expertise in scaling up projects, for smaller and larger deployments

  • Get streamlined device connectivity, efficient firmware management, data-driven insights and seamless integrations with hardware platforms and cloud services

These companies have trusted the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform:
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Coiote IoT Device Management Platform – An Overview
Coiote IoT Device Management Platform/ LwM2M Server – An Overview

Explore Coiote IoT Device Management Platform: Your all-in-one solution for efficient, secure, and scalable IoT device control. Embrace standardized interoperability, data management, secure provisioning, OTA firmware updates, and effortless cloud integration.

Accelerate IoT development with the robust Anjay SDK/LwM2M Client seamlessly integrated with the Coiote and popular hardware platforms.

Try the Coiote IoT device management solution. It’s tailored for IoT solution providers, device manufacturers, IoT developers, product managers, firmware engineers and IoT cloud engineers.

What our Clients say:

The AVSystem’s offer is outstanding in terms of flexibility, scalability, and excellent technical support. With Anjay LwM2M Client and Coiote IoT DM Platform, we achieved a fully managed ecosystem of devices deployed globally serving safety-critical applications.

Waleed Elmughrabi

Technical Director, Bulk Tainer Telematics Ltd.applications.

Since switching to the Coiote platform, we've achieved more while investing less. The platform offers a wide range of features that would have taken us much longer to develop on our own. Additionally, the transition from our own system to the Coiote platform was smooth and seamless.

Christian Haraldsson

Head of Digitalization & Product Manager, Elvaco

Our internal evaluation showed beyond doubt that LwM2M is a future-proof standard worth adopting. Moreover, during the vendor selection process, AVSystem demonstrated a best-of-breed product that’s ready to use thanks to its strong device auto-discovery features.

Lucas Moulin

Program and Solution Director at Traxens

We are very happy with AVSystem’s best in class IoT device management products and our successful partnership with the AVSystem team.

Why LwM2M-based IoT Device Management Platform?
Coiote IoT Device Management Platform ensures LwM2M standard benefits

Scalable IoT device management
Efficient communication thanks to its use of CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) over UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which is a lightweight and highly efficient transport protocol.
Out-of-the-box interoperability to manage devices from different manufacturers and communication technologies within a single system
Top security thanks to security by design approach

Reduced complexity and effort needed for IoT device management and overall IoT operations
Optimized solutions for resource-constrained devices deployed in challenging network environments
No vendor lock-in and simplified adoption with an open-standard solution
Easy data transfer to the cloud and further data analytics with unified data format

The platform supports LwM2M features for 1.2, 1.1, 1.0 protocol versions.
Coiote IoT Device Management Platform features
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Push FOTA updates to IoT devices remotely

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Send Telemetry Data
to the Cloud

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Get developer tools to make prototyping easier

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Implement complete IoT Device Lifecycle Management

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Integrate other IoT platforms for better device management

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Optimize battery life

Get outstanding technical support
Get outstanding technical support

Experience outstanding support from our team of highly skilled engineers, acknowledged by our clients for their prompt responsiveness and in-depth technical expertise.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Engineer and/or Technical Account Manager for Enterprise Customers

  • Help Center and email communication to support all types of issues for Business and Enterprise Customers

  • Community support via the Discord channels for all Customers

Get a scalable offer

To ensure that the offer is aligned with the size and stage of your IoT project, we enable you with a scalable offer that allows your project to grow with us.

• Different business plans - Developer, Business and Enterprise plans with platform features adjusted to the scale
• Predictable costs based on the number of devices
• Different technical support options form excellent engineering professionals

We will help you build your IoT solution

With our experienced engineers, you will integrate our platform much easier with your existing technology stack. Our solution architects and embedded engineers, thanks to their vast experience, will provide you with suggestions on the best solution design and recommendations for further optimizations.

Thanks to our ready-made integrations with cloud providers and 3rd party services via REST API and Kafka, you can expect that the service delivery process will be really smooth.

Need something special? We want to support different projects. If you need to implement the solution with other than SaaS installation, our technical team can prepare a customized offer for your specific project.

Solution architecture
Learn more about Anjay IoT SDK

To facilitate creation of an end-to-end LwM2M-based solution, you can use the Anjay IoT SDK. This IoT software development kit enables simple development of LwM2M-based IoT devices. Its high-quality integrations for popular hardware platforms, developer tools, and technical support, makes development of IoT devices noticeably easier.

Ready IoT Demo Solutions

We constantly work with design houses, and hardware providers to present possible solutions with our platform. You may take advantage of ready demos our partners have developed:

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