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    posted: March 17, 2023 

    The STM32U5 series integration with Anjay and Coiote IoT DM

      The STM32U5 series integration with Anjay and Coiote IoT DM

      The STM32U5 series integration with Anjay and Coiote IoT DM is a novelty that gives us advanced performance and security along with LwM2M, allowing for energy optimization and the possibility to use IPSO Smart Objects.

      AVSystem products: Anjay + Coiote IoT DM

      Anjay is a library that implements the OMA Lightweight Machine-to-Machine protocol. Supporting multiple integration layers, it leverages the development of lightweight IoT devices. By choosing our LwM2M Client you get

      • Deep integrations with popular chipsets,
      • Out-of-the-box standardized FOTA,
      • Credentials management,
      • Security by design,
      • Knowledge base with tutorials - dev-zone,
      • Support from embedded specialists.

      This is all you need to create energy-efficient systems, reduce time-to-market, and take advantage of the LwM2M standard. Also, we take an innovative approach to business by forming solid relationships with other IoT technological leaders, making technology easy and accessible just for you.

      Coiote IoT Device Management is a scalable LwM2M-based IoT platform for complete device lifecycle management. 

      It’s the solution for IoT ops teams, providing a breadth of insightful data, and enabling real-time resolution of any device-related issues. 

      An intuitive graphical user interface makes device bootstrapping and device configuration more accessible than ever. Auto-discovery features enable rapid device onboarding – Coiote IoT DM automatically detects device capabilities and shows them in the GUI. This saves you time and speeds up time-to-market.

      What are the STM32 and the STM32U5 series?

      STM32U5 is a series of ultra-low-power MCUs that reduces typical MCU power consumption by 90% in applications where peripherals need to acquire data regularly. 

      Also, it’s a part of the STM32 microcontrollers family based on the ARM® Cortex®-M processor that combines high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low power operation while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

      Moreover, the STM32U5 MCU provides additional security features for physical-attack resistance and introduces security innovations:

      • AES encryption and Public Key Accelerator (PKA) are now side-attack resistant
      • Secure data storage with a Hardware Unique Key
      • ARM® TrustZone® and securable I/Os, memories, and peripherals
      • PSA Certified level 3 and SESIP (Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms) level 3 certified

      Why do we integrate STM32U5 with Anjay + Coiote IoT DM?

      The integration gives the possibility for STM32U5 to use OMA Specworks’ IPSO Smart Objects with our device which are meant to take care of data interoperability and make all smart things fall into place. 

      Smart Objects are used by sensors which gives them more security. Also, thanks to the integration with Anjay, the STM32U5 series has queue mode and can send all values from the whole day once a day. Check out the complete tutorial on configuring the device on the Anjay Integration tutorial.

      If you have questions about security innovations in integration STM32U5 with Anjay, check out our GitHub to find useful files, contact us on Discord or ask for a solution here.

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