Internship at AVSystem

Level: Junior

Contract: UZ

Salary UoP: 7 000 - 10 000 PLN gross

About us

Our goal is for as many IoT devices as possible to use our global device management platform – Coiote IoT Device Management. It’s one of the products that we invest in heavily at the moment. One of our customers, Vodafone, who chose us over vendors such as Nokia or Ericsson, delivers global connectivity services (SIM cards and data transfer) to over 125 million smart fridges, meters, wind turbines, cars, and other things. In the next 3 years they plan on connecting over 20 million devices to our platform.

Sounds exciting? We have even more interesting products up our sleeve! The youngest belongs to the Good Lood Technology team, responsible for the development of products and systems that support the expansion of the most technologically advanced ice cream parlor in the world. If you use Good Lood delivery, Good Lood app, or were delighted with the natooral toppings from the JoyStation (an automatic glaze dispenser) in the Good Lood ice cream parlors – remember that all these ideas were developed by our company. From design and development, to deployment and operations.

We are independent, creative, energetic, and determined. If you want to be a part of these and other ambitious endeavors, apply to our internship today and

  • Gain experience in product development: from working with customer requirements; through full-stack development in Scala, Java, TypeScript, or DevOps; to feedback on how your solution works in production
  • Learn everything about device management for the IoT and telecoms: from protocols to business cases, and everything in between

Technologies we work with

Scala, Java 11, TypeScript, Angular, React, React Native, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Akka, Scala.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, GitLab CI/CD

We’re also developing internal tools, frameworks, and libraries needed in the ecosystem that we work in. Our people created tools such as:

If you’re eager to gain valuable experience, learn new things, and see what working with the best means in real life, join us for a three-month-long internship. Now the internship position is open all year round!

The internship is available not only for product teams, but also for research and development.

What we can give you

  • Mentorship from an experienced team that will help you significantly build on your skills in a short amount of time
  • A dedicated “buddy” that you can always ask for help
  • Access to internal technical and product trainings
  • Flexible schedule - we know your availability may vary from week to week and we’re OK with that
  • In-house internship in our Cracow office at Radzikowskiego 47D
  • The best equipment that you need to effectively perform your tasks
  • An opportunity to join us full- or part-time after your internship
  • A salary of 7 000 to 10 000 PLN gross/month during the internship that, if you stay with us, will later be evaluated based on your previous experience and the feedback on your work
  • Some usual stuff: trainings and conferences, kitchen full of snacks and treats (including Good Lood ice cream), car parking area and bike room, Multisport card, a relaxed work atmosphere - no dress code, no open space

What we expect

At AVSystem we work with different technologies and our team comprises front-end, back-end, full-stack, and C developers. This is why, depending on the position you apply to, in your daily work you should:

  • Be open to full-stack development (back-end, front-end, SRE/DevOps)
  • Know Scala, Java, or TypeScript
  • Be familiar with networks, Linux, and the basics of functional programming
  • Understand algorithms and data structures
  • Have an engineering approach to problem-solving

Don’t worry if you only know some of the technologies we mentioned or don’t have previous work experience. In your CV, show us your skills and achievements as best as you can. First and foremost, we’ll evaluate your potential and culture fit.

  • Describe your experience from previous projects
  • Name the awards you’ve won; hackathons and competitions you participated in
  • Provide a link to your GitHub
  • Describe interesting initiatives that you were a part of, etc.
Internship at AVSystem

Level: Junior

Contract: UZ

Salary: 7 000 - 10 000 PLN gross

Hey! Come join the best!

To make sure you land on the right team, let us know what your dream specialization would be, which technologies you want/don't want to work with. Is it full-stack, front-end, back-end, embedded, DevOps, SRE/SysOps, mobile, cooperating with customers? Let us know the in the message field.

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