LwM2M Interoperability Program

Test the LwM2M Interoperability of your devices

LwM2M Interoperability Program provides enterprises, telcos and device vendors with a comprehensive tool for automated testing support for the LwM2M protocol and certifying compliance with AVSystem’s Coiote IoT Device Management platform. The tests follow both: scenarios described in OMA Enabler Test Specification for Lightweight M2M by OMA SpecWorks and scenarios created by AVSystem.

How does it work?

  • Access to LwM2M interoperability test module.

    Get access

    Sign up for the program to connect your devices and get access to the LwM2M interoperability tests module of the Coiote IoT Device Management platform where you can start testing your devices.

  • Automated tests for LwM2M interoperability

    Run automatic tests

    Most of the tests are completely automatic – all you have to do is connect the device to the server, run the tests and receive the results in runtime.

  • Downloadable report with an overview of device's LwM2M interoperability

    Download the report

    Use the results of the tests to learn how compatible your device is with our Coiote IoT Device Management platform or compare it with other devices. The downloadable report provides you with a complete overview of your device’s interoperability with LwM2M.


User-friendly interface

Device capabilities are automatically discovered by the platform and displayed in the Objects panel providing you with a tool to manually conduct functional tests. Each test case provides interactive feedback based on LwM2M communication log audit. Apart from that, we also offer comprehensive and detailed communication logs.

Completely automatic GCF tests

Manual device interoperability tests, which are usually available as a professional service, tend to consume a tremendous amount of work and dedicated human resources. Thus, most of the test cases offered by AVSystem are automated in order to save a significant amount of time.

  • LwM2M interoperability test.

Testing firmware upgrades

FOTA (firmware over the air) is a fundamental feature of device management. It is the best way to always ensure the security of your devices. Using our tool, you can test if your device is capable of performing such a crucial task.

Development of your own tests

Test cases may be either developed from scratch by the platform user which has the appropriate permission set assigned (e.g. admin user) or requested from AVSystem as a commercial option. One of the available packages contains OMA ETS for test cases.


Have an advantage over your competition

The platform is a unique solution on the market – there are no other similar solutions that offer LwM2M interoperability tests out of the box.

No need for advanced knowledge of the protocol

Have you developed an LwM2M client on the device and want to compare your device’s compliance with other devices? You can do that with our tool!

Guaranteed interoperability with Coiote IoT Device Management and other platforms supporting LwM2M

Certification system's back-end is shared with our Coiote IoT Device Management, thus we guarantee complete interoperability with the platform as well as with other platforms supporting LwM2M 1.0.2 or LwM2M 1.1, provided that tests are successfully passed.

Save your time and resources

Improve time to market and make your devices market ready. Thanks to our testing module, you don’t need to waste time on developing your own test cases to check your compatibility with the protocol.

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