AVSystem Provides Posnania Shopping Mall with Breakthrough Indoor Location

AVSystem, in cooperation with long-term partners – Ruckus Wireless and Netia, has provided its breakthrough indoor location solution, the Linkyfi Location Engine, to Posnania Shopping Mall.

Poznan, Poland – 27 July 2017 – Today, AVSystem officially unveiled the details of the deployment of its Linkyfi Location Engine at Posnania Shopping Mall, one of the most innovative multifunctional shopping centers in Europe.

Posnania, opened last October, is distinguished internationally for outstanding customer care and its wide range of value-added services, i.e concierge, and hands-free shopping. AVSystem is therefore proud to play a role in these accomplishments, thanks to providing the world’s first indoor navigation solution that operates fully within a web browser.

Considering the impressive size of the venue, it was crucial for Posnania to provide their visitors not only with an exceptional shopping experience but also to make the whole shopping process easier. Moreover, with customer care being Posnania’s main focus, the venue needed a solution that could also deliver extraordinary geolocation and analytic features to bring visitors’ satisfaction to a new level. And that prompted Posnania to cooperate with AVSystem, an expert in geolocation & WiFi -based services.

Linkyfi Location Engine, a pioneering WiFi value-added service deployed at Posnania, is the first indoor navigation solution, that doesn’t require using a mobile app, which makes it more accessible for the venue’s visitors. Nonetheless, the possibilities offered by AVSystem go much further. Based on the state-of-the art network of access points provided by Ruckus Wireless and the constant access to high-speed Netia WiFi, Linkyfi provides Posnania with a whole range of value-added services.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with AVSystem, Posnania knows even better how to answer the needs of its visitors. What is the footfall traffic? Where are the choke points? With Linkyfi’s analytic module all that location data can be presented in real-time using heat maps. Thanks to advanced analytics, Posnania not only knows exactly how many people visit the venue every day but also has deep insight into visitors’ onsite behavior. That includes defining whether a visitor is male or female, based on the types of stores he visits and which areas attract his attention the most.

Knowing which spaces are the most popular and how visitors move around the venue enables Posnania to adjust its space, increase branding activities of selected businesses or to plan various events more efficiently to boost visitors’ engagement. All the implemented adjustments can be easily verified by observing the dwell time in certain areas. What’s more, with the real-time location data, Posnania can trigger marketing campaigns, such as email or push notification, based on the current location of a selected WiFi user. This makes Posnania one of the few shopping malls in Europe using advanced proximity marketing.

Being a shopping center that uses geolocation and deploys the newest technologies to increase the quality of experience of its visitors, makes Posnania a multifunctional center of the future. In short – mission accomplished!

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