Switzerland’s Sunrise has Trusted AVSystem and its Unified Device Management Platform

Customers & Partners 16 September 2015

AVSystem is proud to announce that Sunrise, the second largest telecom operator in Switzerland, has selected AVSystem’s flagship product, the Unified Device Management Platform for device management and monitoring.

Sunrise, as a telecom operator, is the quintessence of what Switzerland is famous for- innovation, preciseness, perfection. Therefore, it is AVSystem’s great success to be acknowledged for sharing Sunrise’s perspective on technology and business and being trusted with providing them their UMP solution.

Unified Device Management Platform is being deployed as a drop in replacement of a single system which has been working for the last couple of years in Sunrise’s network. The system’s deployment requires a full integration process with all external OSS/BSS systems and capability to work with several different types of devices, as well as native support of virtualization for different tenants. This not only means the replacement of the pure software block, but also rebuilding the entire fragile ecosystem of services being delivered to end-users. Such a procedure requires highest attention to details during data migrations as well as the overall process restoration and going into production. Even though such an operation is considered to be very challenging, AVSystem is yet again proving that there is no technical operation they cannot handle.

The UMP’s CPE monitoring module includes advanced monitoring capabilities which enable analyzing service status parameters retrieved with a high frequency from a very large number of end user devices. For Sunrise, a deep insight into network performance was very important. AVSystem’s solution provided advanced DSL monitoring capabilities with its usual state-of-the-art technology including such key features as detailed analysis of the data input through grouping of results, visualizing them and transforming them into ready output in form of reports and alerts.

Sunrise’s decision process was also assisted by a series of technical workshops with AVSystem’s top engineers. Another factor speaking in favor of the Unified Device Management Platform was the company’s previous experience in the field and in realization of similar operations. Of course, AVSystem was compared to some competitors but, in the end, they were the ones chosen to be awarded with the task.

Certainly both companies will benefit from this cooperation. Together they will be able to face the new and upcoming novelties of the technological world. Whether it will be M2M, IoT or 4G small cells, AVSystem and its flexible solutions will always have a way of attending to the needs of the market.

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