Taggle selects AVSystem for NB-IoT device management and LWM2M solutions for Digital Water Meter Solutions

Customers & Partners 26 October 2023

Taggle Systems, the Australian industry leader in Digital Water Metering solutions, and AVSystem, a European IoT device management solution provider, have announced a strategic partnership. Taggle has recently adopted the telco standard NB-IoT as an alternative radio technology, and has selected AVSystem to provide NB-IoT LwM2M (lightweight M2M) device management solutions for Taggle’s NB-IoT devices.

Collaboration Driving Innovation

David Peters, Taggle’s CEO states “As part of our new NB-IoT solutions we have selected AVSystem to deliver an LwM2M-based IoT Device Management Platform for all of our NB-IoT connected devices. By joining forces with AVSystem, we bring their European expertise in NB-IoT to enhance our offerings and provide our clients with unparalleled digital water meter management solutions.”

Artur Wróbel, VP Sales, IoT at AVSystem, expresses, “Our partnership with Taggle aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovating and elevating device management solutions in this region. We are excited to bring forth technologies that set new benchmarks in water management efficiency and sustainability.”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in fostering innovation in water management solutions, leveraging Taggles’ proficiency in creating scalable and accurate monitoring solutions with AVSystem's advanced device management capabilities and IoT expertise from the Coiote team.

Empowering Utilities with Comprehensive Solutions

The partnership is set to deliver comprehensive remote water meter lifecycle management solutions that integrate advanced sensing technology, near real-time data collection, and robust analytics.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Enhanced Remote Management: This cooperation will offer “Over-The-Air” (OTA) capability for remote configuration, monitoring, and management of digital water meters and devices to ensure efficient and robust operations.
  • Scalable Solutions: The developed solutions will cater to varied needs, providing scalability to accommodate small municipal councils to large urban utilities.
  • Data Security and Compliance: The combination of both companies' solutions will ensure the highest levels of data security and help in meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Sustainable Water Management: The initiative is geared towards providing sustainable solutions that contribute to water conservation and waste reduction.

This partnership between Taggle Systems and AVSystem will continue to drive innovation in the Digital Water Metering landscape in Australia. Both companies, with their shared vision and combined expertise, will continue to develop and deliver water conservation, utility management, and environmental sustainability solutions for Australian water utilities.

About Taggle Systems

Taggle Systems is a pioneering Australian company, specializing in developing state-of-the-art low-power, wide-area network technologies, primarily focusing on applications in water metering and environmental monitoring.


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