AVSystem Introduces New IoT Product Features to Significantly Strengthen IoT Security

Products & Solutions 02 December 2020

AVSystem, a leading IoT device management software vendor, has announced today a release of a new set of security features in their IoT products to provide better protection of IoT deployments, detect potential threats and improve information security.

AVSystem’s Anjay LwM2M SDK has been furnished with support for hardware security models (HSMs), strengthening its leading position as the best LwM2M client available on the market. By providing support for HSM, Anjay addresses the major security issues in IoT, namely poor protection of credentials stored on IoT devices. The company’s main focus in IoT is on integrating with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), however, the generic architecture of Anjay provides support for Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) as well. In line with the integration with TEEs, Anjay stores all credentials and executes all operations on them, as part of a trusted application with the platform’s trusted operating system. This ensures that only trusted code operates on credentials data, making it virtually impossible for an attacker to get access to them.

Further security updates also apply to other products from AVSystem’s portfolio, including its leading IoT device management platform. Both Anjay and Coiote IoT Device Management now offer full support for the Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) protocol, which provides a secure communication channel for obtaining necessary device certificates using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Marcin Nagy, IoT Product Director at AVSystem will cover these security issues and more in the upcoming webinar "Best practices for secure IoT device communication and data processing". Join us on December 10 (Thursday), 16:00 (CET) to learn about:

  • Secure data communication
  • Device data protection mechanisms, such as Hardware Security Model (HSM), storage for non-HSM devices
  • Secure credentials bootstrapping and management using Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST)

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