Anjay LwM2M SDK features

Implement support for OMA Lightweight M2M on your devices.

  • Many tools in one package

    Tools such as LwM2M/CoAP REPL for testing and packet inspection, a sample client demonstrating library usage or a client for rapid prototyping using Python/Bash scripts come in one SDK!

  • Working on any platform

    Anjay can be compiled out of the box on Linux, FreeRTOS (including Amazon FreeRTOS), Mbed OS, Thread‐X, Android, Windows, and other POSIX-operating systems as well as non-POSIX systems (implementation of OS abstraction layer required).

  • Compatible with various hardware stacks

    Anjay LwM2M SDK is compatible with many hardware platforms, including: ARM, X86, MIPS or PowerPC.

  • Conformance to the latest LwM2M version

    With the commercial version of Anjay you can get support for LwM2M 1.1.1 features on top of all core interfaces specified in LwM2M 1.0.2 which allows effortless interoperability with most LwM2M servers on the market.


Request, Finish, Write, Delete, Discover, (LwM2M 1.1) Read

LwM2M Client Registration Interface:
Register, Update, De-register

LwM2M Device Management and Service Enablement Interface:
Read, Discover, Write, Write-Attributes, Execute, Create,
Delete, (LwM2M 1.1) Read-Composite, (LwM2M 1.1) Write-Composite

LwM2M Information Reporting Interface:
Observe, Notify, Cancel Observation, (LwM2M 1.1) Observe-Composite, (LwM2M 1.1) Send
SUPPORTED LwM2M SECURITY MODES (D)TLS with Certificates (if supported by backend TLS library), (D)TLS with PSK (if supported by backend TLS library), NoSec mode, OSCORE
SUPPORTED CoAP DATA FORMATS Ping, Traceroute, Download, Upload
SUPPORTED CoAP BINDINGS UDP, SMS, (LwM2M 1.1) TCP, (LwM2M 1.1) NIDD, Queue mode support
  • RFC 7252 The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • RFC 7641 Observing Resources in the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • RFC 7959 Block-Wise Transfers in the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • RFC 8323 CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) over TCP, TLS, and WebSockets
  • RFC 8428 Sensor Measurement Lists (SenML)
  • RFC 8613 Object Security for Constrained RESTful Environments (OSCORE)
  • Registration & observation state persistence
  • Configurable CoAP retransmission policy
  • LwM2M attributes
  • Download over HTTP(S)/CoAP(S)/CoAP(S)+TCP
PRE-IMPLEMENTED LwM2M Security, Server, Access Control, Firmware Update
  • LwM2M object implementation stub generator integrated with OMA LwM2M Object & Resource Registry
  • LwM2M/CoAP REPL for testing and packet inspection
  • Sample client demonstrating library usage
  • LwM2M client for Linux platforms based on Anjay SDK with File System Data Model module for rapid prototyping using Python/Bash scripts
  • Full API documentation
  • How-To documents and tutorials describing proper library usage
ARM, X86, MIPS, PowerPC

Operating Systems:
Linux, FreeRTOS including Amazon FreeRTOS, Mbed OS, Thread‐X, Zephyr, Android, Windows, Other POSIX operating systems, Non-POSIX systems require implementation of OS abstraction layer

DTLS/TLS backends:
mbed TLS, OpenSSL, tinyDTLS, WolfSSL

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