Toolbox for integrating IoT systems and processes

Coiote allows telco operators and system integrators to easily create scenarios for automated interactions between systems and devices in the Internet of Things environment.


Powerful workflow editor

The editor lets you implement even the most complicated processes and make automatic decisions based on on-line events and historical data. This is the heart of our IoT solution which is designed to help you manage devices and systems integration in a simple and predictable way.

Custom views builder

The builder lets you create views which are the most suitable for your domain. You can create views for a single device or group of devices and then access them on PC, tablet or smart phone. Modify the system to fit the needs of your business ‒ not the other way round.

Multiple protocols

To effectively orchestrate actions of a wide range of assets, we make sure that Coiote 'speaks' a wide range of protocols. Starting with LwM2M and CoAP dedicated for IoT, through TR-069 and SNMP known from network devices, and ending with SSH, Telnet, SOAP and REST present in enterprise solutions. You don't need to integrate any proprietary libraries - everything works out-of-the-box with enterprise proven standard protocols.

Dedicated support and training

We offer 24/7 technical support for your deployment and an option for custom development. You can also get extensive courses on the LwM2M protocol, device provisioning techniques and methodology, as well as multi-stage training program for the system itself.

Are you looking for a device management solution?
Check out →UMP, which is a system dedicated for configuration and high resolution monitoring of network devices.

Flexible licensing scheme

Request a free trial before buying, and then pay as you grow ‒ you can buy a license for the size of your installation, with the set of features you actually need and use, and then extend it any time when your needs become bigger.


Automate all interactions

Automate processes which previously always required manual human work. Create new processes which were unattainable until now. Easily prepare custom workflows and scenarios for controlling devices operations where actions are taken based on events received from multiple systems and sensors.

Personalize your

Every IoT environment in each domain requires a different set of tools. As a manager in a smart furniture factory you would be interested in completely different measures and reports than a manager of a fleet of smart cars. Tailor the system so it serves you and your business in the most efficient way. Choose from pre-configured charts, dashboards and reports ‒ or create your own.

Avoid unneeded expenses

By choosing cloud deployment of Coiote, you won't spend a penny on expensive servers. You will get the access to the system which is continuously monitored by a team of our engineers. The connection to the system is encrypted and secured from unauthorized access, making your data safe.

Monitor and analyze your processes

In addition to creating business processes and workflows, you can also monitor their performance and improve them as necessary. Effortlessly gather data, define KPIs, choose from available visualization options and perform analyses to make your business even more effective.


Supported management protocols OMA LwM2M, CoAP, CWMP (TR-069), OMA-DM, SNMP, SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, MQTT
Supported device classes Smart home hubs, smart meters, power management devices, mobile network devices, smart phones, tablets, IP cameras
Asset management Support for creating scenarios of interactions between humans, devices and any entities being managed by external services supporting your business
Discovery of new devices Seamless and fully automatic. Connect device to the system to detect its capabilities
Clustering and load balancing Integrated support
External system integrations North-bound interface for communication with OSS/BSS or other external systems in push and pull models over SOAP or REST web services
Graphical User Interface Web based, configurable with multi-language support
System requirements Runs in Java environment on Linux servers
Application monitoring JMX connector (e.g. Zabbix)

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